Doing what you love and not what's expected


As many of you'll know I'm a complete gym bunny. Through the summer I dedicated every living moment to each and every workout. There's nothing wrong with this of course. Most people would continuously ask me where the hell I got the motivation from to stick to 1 or 2 hour workouts 6/7 days a week. Once I get into the gym bug I become obsessed, I guess to point that's unbelievably unhealthy. I'd be getting so stressed even if I'd just missed a day, thinking I'd suddenly gained 10 stone, when in reality nothing had changed.
 The gym was my life, not part of my life.

Most days I felt amazing however there were days I didn't. I just felt drained and instead of giving myself rest, I'd once again force myself into the gym to push through an intense workout. Don't get me wrong, I get a buzz from whacking out some heavy weights however I've stepped back and taken a long think. I've realized that pushing myself to do it every single day just isn't for me or my body and that's okay.

I also resented the way that's all people knew me for - the 'gym' freak. Yes I maybe looked 'great' but did I feel 'great'? I was missing out of meals out, social events and other activities and hobbies I enjoyed because 'I just had to be at the gym'.

 I'm a lot busier now than I was a few months ago. I simply don't have as much time, energy or the accessibility in getting to the gym. This isn't me saying I want to sit on my bum all of the time, I'm an active person and love to be moving! I'm just finding many new ways to be active and to exercise without feeling like I have to 'slave' in the gym. It's something myself and many others fail to establish which is why I'm following my new little manta of doing what you love and not what's expected by the rest of the world.

With going to the gym less it's allowed me to focus on enjoying life again. 
 I've always loved running, the one thing many people hate. It's such a good stress reliever and It allows me to feel so free. I also love Pilates! It's a brilliant way to become aware of you body and focusing on how you movement. Its great for toning without all the added stress and weight on your body. I've also found a new love for yoga I perform a 10 or 20 minute sequence every morning before I do anything else and it gives me so much energy. I focus on my breathing and waking up my body for the day ahead. I'm constantly stretching and trying new moves and poses throughout the day, you never find me sitting still now, haha. Believe it or not but walking is one of the best ways to stay active, I love long walks with my dog, especially in the Autumn when you can wrap up in big coat and snugly scarf. Blogging and writing has become a big part of my life again. I couldn't be happier about this as it's allowed me to think about my goals and my mind again. I've also rediscovered my love for baking (my healthy banana bread shall be up this Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled). One of the nicest things has been spending more time with my mum, nipping out for coffee trips or cuddling up with a film and a delicious hot choccie. I never would of done this a few months ago. We've recently found our love for crafts again and have set a little projects of giving our guinea pigs themed cage, which I'll explain in greater detail soon. It's all very exciting. 

 I haven't been to the gym for over 3 weeks now and guess what? I'm happy. I've been doing yoga and Pilates and still perform little toning exercises daily. I try to walk a lot and keep active everyday. I've gained a lot of energy back and love spending time doing other things rather than stressing about the gym. I can't wait to get back into training however I'll do that when I feel I'm ready and I'm certainly not going to beat myself up when I can't go. Plus I'd much rather workout in my own home as the colder nights draw in! Who wants to venture out to a cold gym? 

I guess what I want to say is your life has to be about balance. Some days I want to dance, sing, jump and drink green juice from the roof tops. Some days I want to curl up with a big blanket and a big tub of ice cream. I find when I listen to my body and my mind it responds 10 times better. I'm probably not as fit as I was 1 month ago but does it matter? No. I'm discovering happiness and that's okay.

Speak soon,

Holli x

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  1. Good positive post. You didnt look 'great' as you put it by the way when working out all the time!!. As you say you had merely replaced your food obsession with exercise

  2. Love love love this post! Life is all about balance and enjoying all aspects of things. Good and bad foods, exercising and being a bit lazy, expressing yourself and listening to others. I also do Yoga for 25 minutes each morning and I absolutely love it! It gives me so much energy, keeps my body toned and in shape and relaxes my mind before a big day!
    Keep up the fabulous work, can't wait to read more!


    1. What a lovely comment, thank you very much lovely! Keep happy and positive ☺️☺️ x


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