A Minnie Mouse Dream...


 With turning 18 this year, my family were amazing in making my weekend/day extra special and when all the celebration came to an end I can safely say it's the best birthday I've ever had. It was full of smiles, love, surprises I could never even imagine, all in which added into making it a complete dream. 

With my Birthday on Sunday it was only right to make a weekend of celebrations. I started my birthday weekend with lunch out at The Garden Hale, a place I've been waiting to go to for so long. It's right up my street serving lots of healthy, fresh, organic and body loving food. It had the most friendly and positive atmosphere .The only problem I had was when looking at the menu ... I wanted to try everything... oppps. I finally decided from all of the delicious options, I first ordered the 'I Am Balanced' juice with coconut water, fresh aloe vera, & peppermint which was unbelievably cleansing. Ordering food I went for the 'Goodness Bowl' a buckwheat tabbouleh made from tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, mint, red onion and pomegranate seeds. It was them topped with the nicest beetroot hummus and the nicest falalfels I've had. The whole dish was like a explosion of flavour & goodness. My dad went for the Chickpea and Sweetcorn burger with parsnip fries which again looked just as amazing. We shared some sweet potato wedges and some healthy ketchup which without a doubt were the best sweet potato wedges I've ever had in my life! (desperate to know the recipe, haha)
 Of course I couldn't not leave my birthday treat without one of their desserts! I knew straight away I wanted to try their ' healthy chocolate brownie' which was served with dairy free ice cream & a homemade nutty chocolate sauce. I was in complete heaven. I didn't want the meal to end. If you can be that healthy and enjoy dessert that much, then give it to me every god damn day. My dad went for their seasonal crumble which I also had a little taste of and again it was just as delicious. We shall be certainly going back... it's breakfast next!

On Saturday me, Mumma & Ella all headed to the Trafford Centre early as I was picking up my cake later that day from a brilliant company 'Hey Little Cupcake.'  We spent the morning last minute Christmas/Birthday shopping, getting lots of yummie chocolate treats from Hotel Chocolat, including some dark chocolate chilli penguins I cannot wait to indulge on.

My day only got better as Mumma also took me in a surprise trip to the Build-a-Bear shop. My whole childhood I've wanted a build-a-bear toy as between me, my sister and cousin I was the only one who never had one, and no one really knows why, haha. It only made sense for my 18th to finally head into the shop. It was a dream come true. I  finally got my build-a-bear and as a My Little Pony!!!

 After a lovely morning of shopping we made a quick lunch stop at Pret and mooch around selfridges, before heading to pick up my cake. I had asked for a personalised Minnie Mouse Giant Cupcake and was absolutely dying to see it. There were a few complications but after it was all sorted and home safe, my cake turned out & looked perfect!


I'm the ultimate Disney lover as you all know and Minnie Mouse is my favourite! This means one thing... I wanted a Minnie Mouse themed birthday. Mumma was a star, she made sure everything was all out Minnie Mouse, balloons, banners, presents... she turned the house into a complete pink Minnie Mouse grotto. I came down stairs on my birthday morning full of so much excitement dying to see what Mumma had done, only to be faced with something I never ever would have imagined.

About a month ago my mum had told me how disappointed she was about a life sized, giant Minnie Mouse Toy that you could order from the Disney Store however couldn't be shipped from America. I was secretly massively disappointed myself as it would've been one of the worlds best things to have however I accepted that it couldn't be shipped and that was that. I've been telling people about this Minnie Mouse for the past month and how me and my mum were disheartened at the fact we couldn't get it. That changed the moment I came down the stairs on my birthday... a huge Minnie Mouse toy was sat there surrounded by all of the fabulous balloons and decorations!!! The shock, excitment and surprise that filled me all at once was completely overwhelming, I fell to the floor straight away and cried. 

I spent the morning opening presents, laughing and crying with my mum and sister. I received some of the nicest things off all of my wonderful family, all that have such great meaning behind them and I'll cherish them for the rest of my life. I'd asked for a Pandora bracelet from my mum and to my surprise all of my family bought me charms to add on to it. What means the most is that every single charm tells a story, so much love and thought has gone into each one. Nothing has every meant so much to me.

After a wonderful morning we headed for lunch at a pub near ourselves, called the Hayhurst Arms. We've been dying to try this place for a while so my birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity. I had a Chargrilled tandoori Halloumi salad with fresh mint, pineapple & green beans. Safe to say one of the best salads I've ever had, I shall certainly be recreating it myself!

Later on that day I saw my Nana & Grandad, I spent the evening with my loving family around me and digging into my amazing cake. It was one of the best birthday cakes I've ever had! I haven't been able to stop munching on it.

I cannot express how much this birthday has meant to me. Each and every moment of it was incredibly perfect. It's these moments I will cherish for the rest of my life. I couldn't be more thankful to everyone who made the day so special.

Ps. I wish you all the most amazing Christmas!

Speak soon, 

Holli & Minnie xxx

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