New Year...Same me| Why I hate Resolutions....


Happy New Year lovelies! Surprisingly I'm not going to write some long post about resolutions or being a 'better me', it's actually being satisfied with the same silly old me I am. I want you to learn to do this same.

How many people turn around and actually tell you they are happy with their self? In fact I can't remember the last person I came across who felt satisfied with who they were.

 With the New Year just begun it's of course time for the resolutions, diets, changes and the promise it'll be 'your year.' Fair enough a new year is a good chance to 'wipe the slate clean' however you shouldn't feel the pressure to start making massive miraculous changes in order to suit the New Year. 

I'm here to tell you that actually, you're fine just the way you are and you shouldn't feel the need to go changing everything. It's not about 'quitting chocolate', saving money, complaining less, 'being healthy' or going on some crazy detox. Have you ever stopped and thought about the good things in your life and your qualities? The things you want to actually carry on living with.

I'm not saying to not set yourself little goals if you want, It's brilliant to have them. I certainly have but not just because it's a new year... And that if you like is my own goal. To simply be satisfied and content with where and who I am. You shouldn't feel the need to go out all crazy and change things you'll never stick to, just to then fail and feel disheartened. I want to stick to my yoga however that's something I've been working on for months. I want to keep up my morning stretching and breathing and learn all new poses. I'm even starting a yoga class. I've gone vegetarian and absolutely loving it, I couldn't be happier that I'm going into a new year happy with my diet and lifestyle. I'm being to try new and exciting recipes! I'm now onto creating my own.  I'm onto a path of balance and the things I love. I want to focus on myself and health to it's full potential, mentally and physically. Not because I feel I 'have' to change or because it's a but because I want to find the best in me and what I enjoy.

I feel as if my mentality towards myself and my life have changed completely. I've begun to practice mindfulness in everything I think, say and act. It's so important to not wish upon my bad days changing, as without my bad days I couldn't ever appreciate the good. I feel this supports the whole idea of stuffing 'resolutions' and 'this will be my year'. Focus on this very moment good or bad, because if you are setting your sights on everything you want to change, you are missing the goodness of now. Every day is a new miracle, a new chance to achieve anything you like.

So what was my point in all of this? 

Whoever you may be, where ever you may be, I want you to do me something. I want you to wake up tomorrow morning, let go of all the pesky, so called resolutions you've set yourself. I want you to tell yourself that no matter how the day pans out, you're good enough. Use this chance to focus on yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself and look after yourself.

Go out and enjoy your year, have good days, have bad days, excitement, disappointment, tears, smiles and laughter. It's all these things that supply us with the memories and qualities that make us. 

Speak soon, 

Holli xxx

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