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I've been super excited to share this post for so long. 
I want to introduce you to a new section on my blog called 'Inspire Me'. It's going to be featuring a guest person who inspires me - bloggers, fitness, health, foodie, positive enthusiasts every week, answering a few questions into their life style. It will feature what their idea of 'health' is and what inspires them. I hope by sharing with you all different peoples balance, wellness and health will inspire you too and help many of you see that everyone's idea of 'healthy' is different. 

So I'm kicking it off by introducing to you the lovely positive, Instagram, foodie lover and blogger Rowan Collins. When I first decided to turn Vegetarian/Plant Based Rowan was one of my biggest inspirations and I was forever lusting over her delicious looking food. I love Rowan's look on life, how beautiful and calming she comes across inside and out. Her balanced, loving approach has helped me in finding a perfect place in my own life. I couldn't wait to share with you Rowan's interview, as I know you're going to love her just as much as me.

What does being ‘healthy’ mean to you? 

To me, being healthy is all about balance. I think it’s very easy to associate health with a strict diet and lifestyle, but to my mind health is all about focusing on nourishing your body and really putting care and thought into the ingredients you use. It’s about creating food and living a lifestyle that you enjoy, and that feels balanced and sustainable to you, and that’s going to vary from person to person. Another big part of it is never feeling restricted or like you have to cut things out. For me that means choosing the best quality indulgences I can, like high quality dark or raw chocolate, and feeling good in the fact that although I’m ‘indulging’, I’m still putting thought into it and being good to my body. 

 What inspired you to start blogging?

  I actually first started blogging when I was about 13 or 14 years old as I wanted to be a photojournalist at the time, and after taking a break for a year or so I came back to it in 2013. Since then my blog has gone through various stages; it’s been a beauty blog, a travel blog and a wellness blog, but earlier this year I launched Created by Rowan. Now my aim is just to document the little joys in everyday life, not only so I have something to look back on years down the line, but also so my readers can share in those joys with me. It’s all about creating a calm and positive space and content that others enjoy reading as much as I enjoy creating.

 Do you have any advice/tips for anyone wanting to follow a plant based/vegetarian Lifestyle?

 My best advice would be just to get creative and experiment with your food. A big part of leading a plant-based lifestyle is to enjoy it, so I think the most important thing is to find food you love and enjoy preparing and eating. Hunt around on Pinterest and social media for recipes and meal ideas, and keep trying things out until you find the food that keeps you feeling energized and happy, and that you enjoy. Have fun with it!

 What gives you your love for cooking? 

 My dad is a big foodie, and when I was growing up he always encouraged me to get in the kitchen and make delicious food. Through that I learned to appreciate flavours and ingredients, and I think it’s just stemmed from there, really!

 What’s your favourite meal of all time?

 This is such a difficult question! I really love making veggie chilli, with lentils, mashed beans, loads of smoked paprika and cumin, topped with fresh coriander, a generous squeeze of lime and plenty of avocado, served with rice. It’s such a comforting meal but the flavours are really bold and zingy, I just can’t get enough of it. 

 Who inspires you?

 I get inspiration from all sorts of places, a lot of it on Instagram, but I think my biggest inspirations are Anna Jones (I got her book A Modern Way to Cook for Christmas and absolutely adore her recipes), Sarah Nagel (holistichabits on Youtube), and the founders of 42 Juice ( on Instagram), a wonderful cold-pressed juice company in Brighton. They’re all so passionate about what they do and create such a wonderful balance in their food, which is something I always strive to achieve.

 What would you describe as the ‘perfect day’?

 My perfect day would start nice and early, around seven in the morning, with a cup of lemon and ginger tea or some fresh coffee in bed, followed by a quick energetic workout or some yoga. Then I would head out for brunch around mid-morning, and I would probably go for avocado toast or a nice warm bowl of porridge. After that I would probably spend a few hours wandering around town, maybe picking up a few things from a local health food shop or going for coffee in one of my favourite coffee shops, before heading home and spending some time putting together blog posts and catching up on Youtube. In the evening I would cook a nice hearty meal, maybe some kind of soup with some fresh toasted sourdough, and then I’d curl up with a glass of wine and watch a film with my boyfriend.

 What 3 foods/ingredients could you not live without?

 It would have to be oats, sweet potatoes and almond butter!

 What do you like to do to stay active?

 Since starting university I have to admit I haven’t been half as active as I would like, but I’m in the process of working on that now and have been taking small steps to build up my stamina again. I love yoga as it can be as relaxing and gentle or as challenging as you like, but I like to break it up with the odd HIIT workout (I use fitnessblender’s Youtube channel for all my HIIT workouts), and I do quite a lot of walking, too, which helps keep my overall activity levels up in between workouts. 

 What makes you happy? 

 I love finding joy in the small things, like a sunny day or having the time to indulge in a bit of ‘me-time’, whether that’s going for a walk in the countryside, making time in the morning to read through a few blogs while I drink my coffee, or getting creative in the kitchen. I also love spending quality time with friends and family, catching up over a cup of tea or going out to do something together.

  Lastly your favourite quote? 

There are a lot of quotes I love, but one that always resonates with me is “See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see” by Wayne Dwyer. I think it’s a really lovely reminder to always look for the good in others, and to extend compassion and love to everyone you meet.

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