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Spring has sprung and the Easter Bunny is on his way!

 I've always loved this time of year, the bright colours, lighter nights, baby animals, new life, Easter! It makes me incredibly happy, enthused an excited. As a kid I have so many happy memories from school, to baking with my nana, to the cute family Easter egg hunts, all in which fill me with so much joy. But of course one of the best things about this time of year, I wont lie, is the Easter chocolate... Mmhmm. 

Growing up most Easters I received masses of chocolate (Yes I think 24 Easter eggs was a record...) I'd be stocked up with Dairy Milk, Mars Bar, Rolo, Milky Way, Galaxy, Mini Eggs and Creme Egg's galore. I'd receive them from my mum, dad, family memebers, friends ect and I can honestly say I have no clue how I got through it all, it was enough for an army, haha. 

I'll confess... I'm still as big a 'chocoholic' but since growing up, changing my diet, health and my taste buds, I prefer good quality dark and raw chocolate. It's my weakness. And of course it is a little better for you, high quality dark chocolate actually has numerous health benefits. Raw cacao, cocoa and even dark chocolate itself, in studies repeatedly shows benefits to cardiovascular health, reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and platelet aggregation. In short, it’s heart healthy. It also may help balance blood sugar levels – and this is despite the sugar that is added to dark chocolate.

For any of dark chocolate lovers, vegans or your looking for something a little 'healthier' here are some of my favorite chocolate brands/Easter chocolate. I can assure you you'll love indulging on these this Easter.

I'm a huge fan of Booja Booja truffle's, they're dairy, gluten and soy free containing simple organic ingredients which are all wonderfully good for you. They're also suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.
Perfectly indulgent and come in lots of different yummy flavors, my favorite being the Raspberry ones by far! Their Easter offering features these beautifully crafted Eggs with their delicious truffle's nested inside which are the perfect gift for any truffle lover.

<b>Booja</b> <b>Booja</b> Hazelnut Crunch Truffle <b>Easter</b> Egg 35g £9.99

Green And Black's Organic Dark Easter Egg's  

 Green and Black's Easter Eggs are perfect if you're looking for that yummy Dark chocolate treat. Their eggs are made with organically sourced ingredients making the perfect thick shelled with 70% rich dark chocolate. I've always loved Green and Black's chocolate so this Easter eggs in my eyes is perfect. Alternatively check out their fabulous range of bars which are jazzed up with flavors such as ginger, burnt toffee, spiced chilli, mint and so many more.

Hotel Chocolat - Chrip Dark Chocolate Chicks 

If you've never treated yourself to some chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, you certainly need to. Hotel Chocolat do a whole exciting range, with a huge selection of white, milk and dark chocolate to suit everyone including vegans! As you guessed I adore all of their dark creations and luckily at Easter they have some good high coco quality chocolate eggs but if you want something a little quirkier try these delicious looking 70% dark chocolate chicks! These are perfect for East hunts, games or any cute chick lovers.

Chirp - Dark Chocolate
Montezuma's Cheeky Bunnie's and Eggs

From Eggs, Bunnie's, buttons, and hamper's Montezuma's this Easter have it covered. Montezuma's make the most amazing organic dark chocolate which is suitable for vegans and you wont be able to resist (their chocolate buttons are to die for) Obviously I had to check out their Easter range which to my delight is overflowing with yummy choices. They have a classic dark chunky egg or for more of a treat one filled with their divine buttons or truffles. If you're looking for the perfect Easter hamper well don't worry, they've put together a variety of hampers containing lots of goodies from Bunnie's, eggs, bars, buttons and much more!

Dark Chocolate Egg with Dark Mini Egg Truffles
The Crocus Easter Hamper

 Ombar Raw Chocolate bars

Okay so not nesicarrly 'Easter themed' however I just had to share this one with you!
 Ombar aka my favorite award winning chocolate for a guilt free treat. All of their chocolate is made to make sure all of the nutritious goodness is still packed in . It's made with the healthiest ingredients of coconut sugar, real fruits and live cultures and is packed with lots of natural antioxidants. I know you're probably debating even giving raw chocolate a go as it can be incredibly bitter but trust me.
Ombar have worked incredibly hard to produce the smoothest, creamiest chocolate which I can assure you'll love. They sell a range of bars and flavors, 'Bluberry and Acai' & 'Coco Mylk' I 100% reccomend... and again if you're looking for something a little 'extra' check out their amazing 'Centers' Range. A creamy filling, 'Raspberry & Coconut' or 'Coconut & Vanilla', covered in their amazing chocolate.

So get your bums in gear for some delicious, chocolate goodness this Easter with these healthier alternatives. I know I certainly will... or already am, oppsie...

Holli xxx
Booja Booja // Organic chocolates decorative Easter eggs  - See more at:
Booja Booja // Organic chocolates decorative Easter eggs  - See more at:

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  1. Hey Holli! Who doesn't like chocolate hey? =] I like your version of it this year, but I need to confess that I'm looking forward my giant Dairy Milk version LOL I think this chocolate addiction may be a family thing, Dan is also a chocoholic! He really can have more chocolates than me on a PMT.. LOL iss for you hun xxx


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