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The past year or so has been like being on a crazy roller coaster. I've been up, down, here, there and everywhere...literally. I can safely say there has certainly been many people who've helped keep me motivated, stable and happy. All in which I'm extremely thankful for. 

In life we all have our ups and downs, it's only human however what really matters is how we overcome the down points to make our good ones shine. So why am I blabbing on about this?

One because this post is going to be a bit 'blabby' but...
I want to share something I've learned.

  Sometimes all it takes is one person, one you don't expect to show a little belief in you. When you get that well, you feel like you can do absolutely anything! 

 And that's what fitness fanatic, personal trainer and fabulous gym owner of FUNK (aka my second home) Ashley Wood did for myself. 

So when thinking of this weeks guest, I couldn't think of anyone better to ask these questions to. 

Since starting my fitness journey nearly two years ago, Ashley's gym FUNK was where it all began and soon became my happy place. I right fitted in and that little gym has given me a lease of life. I've been given opportunities and experiences I'll never forget.
Most importantly I've never been judged or mistreated or felt uncomfortable in any way and absolutely love training there. I love sessions, the laughs, the jokes and the happiness there. The support I've had has been amazing and the little team there have become my little family.

I've always looked up to Ash watching the brilliant work he does, struggles he overcomes and the things he's achieved. I love his positive outlook on life and the creativity in what he does. I feel like I can relate on many levels and It's safe to say he stands out from the crowd (even without his laugh you can hear for miles ;-)) 

Just recently I've been really focusing on myself, my own happiness, what I want out of myself and life. It's been so easy to just let myself slip causing me to loose a lot of motivation. Believe me it takes a lot to pull yourself back up, haha. Okay, It would be wrong of me to say that no one believes in me because I know so many people do however they're the people you'd always expect, the ones you're always thankful for. Just recently Ash proved me wrong and he'll probably hate me for being so 'soppy' here, haha! However he has reminded me what it feels like to have just one person believe you're good enough to achieve everything you want, to be strong and to be yourself. It's like a little light has flicked on inside my head and for the first time in a while I've seen a future. 

I couldn't be more thankful for the little boost and push Ash has given me over the past few weeks (I'm even loving his killer sessions ;)) But because of his support, I truly feel like my spark is returning and I'm happier than I've ever been.

Due to all my motivation and inspiration, it only seemed right to have a little scoop into Ash's thoughts and answers to what he believes balance and happiness is. Hearing his answers has actually inspired me even more, so I'm certain they'll inspire you too!

What does being ‘healthy’ mean to you?

Health means to me being in good physical condition, free from both illness and injury.

  What inspired you to get into fitness & build your business?

Exercise and fitness has always been apart of my life from a very young age. I can always remember looking forward to sports day at primary school and wanting to win every event and receive my first place sticker. One year I placed 3rd in a skipping race, much to my disappointment I went back home and told my dad and we agreed to start training the next day for following year. My dad broke down the technique and I practiced in preparation for the race next year. The year later I won the skipping race along with all the other events. This moment in my life is probably why I'm in the industry today! Improving and being apart of success is such a great feeling and once I tasted it at a young age, I was hooked! It still gives a buzz today helping someone achieving targets whether it be a weight loss, performance or confidence goals.


  Do you have any advice/tips for anyone wanting to get into fitness or start their own business? 

Starting something is easy... However sticking to it is hard! But just because its hard dose not mean you cant succeed! So if your starting fitness or even your own business be in it for the long run and not short term success. Things take time... And it always seems longer than it actually is so don't beat yourself up if your not an instant success in your fitness or business goals. As long as you work hard and stay honest and true to yourself eventually you will be a success. Warning!!!! Expect things not to go to plan, expect to have low points, expect to feel like you want to give up. Expect to ask yourself is it worth it? These are all things successful people have to overcome to get to where they want to be. This is part of the journey and helps you appreciate the success even more once you get there.

 What keeps you motivated?

Many things keep me motivated from famous sporting athletes preparing and performing on the world stage at fitness / sporting competitions to general fitness people on social media sites and of course my members and clients. Anyone pushing themselves beyond their limits encourages me to push myself and be become a better version of myself. Remember your biggest competition is the refection looking back at you in the mirror! Never compare yourself or your situation to anyone else. Its only and always will be you vs you. You can win!

  What’s your favourite meal of all time? 

Easiest question! Favourite meal without doubt is a fillet steak cooked medium too well with Diane sauce accompanied with asparagus tips and sweet potato mash. Delicious.
 Who inspires you?

Who inspires me.... Well this is probably the most difficult question to answer, as I find inspiration in lots of people as apposed to one single person. Although one that sticks out is Derek Redmound's 400m race at the 1992 Olympics. Derek was tipped for a chance of winning gold for great Britain. Out of the starting blocks at the start of the race Derek tore his hamstring bringing him to his knees, in pain Derek climbed to his feet and began limping up the track. After 4 years of training and preparation his dream of winning gold was over! However not giving up Derek quickly changed his goal from winning to finishing the race. While he hobbled along his dad watching in the crowd fought his way onto the track and tried to stop Derek fearing he may cause more damage. Derek refused and his dad famously said 'well then will finish it together' and together they did Derek using his dad as a crutch to help him cross the line. The reason I chose this particular event is it has essence of lots of different emotions that inspire me from dedication, passion, miss fortune and of course the nature of parenthood.


 What would you describe as the ‘perfect day’?

My perfect day would start with a lush breakfast being eggs Benedict and pure orange juice. Followed by a tough gym session and a shower/ steam room to relax. Following this a spot of afternoon shopping with of course a coffee.Topping off with an evening get together with friends and family round my house and maybe a few glasses of proscecco! 😉

  What 3 foods/ingredients could you not live without?

Three foods I could not possibly live without would be oats, chicken, and Peanut butter.

 What do you like to do to stay active? 

Anything sport related or involving competition I am there! I play most sports and like to keep active doing mostly gym workouts but try to socialise with friends playing sports like Football, Golf, Squash, Table Tennis, Bowling ect

What makes you happy?

Being happy is a frame of mind. Some of the happiest people I have met / seen have been in some terrible situations but yet somehow are really happy and make the most of what they have regardless of whats happening. So now I try to have a happy mindset soon as I wake up and not rely on certain thing to make me happy. It doesn't always work and if I'm really struggling a coffee will always help. 

 Lastly your favourite quote?

You don't always get what you WISH for, but you always get what you WORK for.

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