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Health, fitness, working out, eating 'clean', balance, it seems to be flipping everywhere! For me personally I love following an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle and training is quite literally my crack. However as much as I try to motivate myself there are certainly a few people around me who 100% give me that extra push I need from time to time. They motivate and inspire me everyday and help in giving me foodie or workout ideas because hey we're always learning! 

I thought I'd share with you my top health/fitness inspirations/blogges/instagrammers you name it! And hopefully they can inspire you too!

Carly is the perfect girl to kick this post off with, I cannot express my love for her in enough words. She's the absolute dream woman! She inspires me in someway ever single day with her blog posts, videos and instagram pics! Her words are always positive and kind, and she can always find a way to brighten my day. Carly has such a lovely balanced look on her life and has some killer abs and ass which I'm continuously lusting over, haha. I look up to Carly as if she were a older sister, (infact someone once asked me if we were! So hey, Haha)

 I admire her success and hope to follow similar footsteps in the way she has herself. She is one of the most genuine, lovely and beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And if I ever drop her a message she never fails to make me smile. She's helped my confidence over the past few months more than anyone has and for the first time in my life she's helped me in loving and accepting myself. It's such a lovely feeling when you look into the mirror and know you're bloody amazing, right? ;-)
If you need a little confidence boost, some motivation or some cheeky gym tips I'd 100% go and check my Carly out. I know you'll love her just as much as I do.

On that note I need to introduce these pair, personal trainers, nutritionists and You Tubers, Leon & John! And again I flipping love these two, plus they're bloody gorgeous, right?

There is never a day that goes by where I'm not laughing at Leon or getting educated by John ;-) Haha. No, really these both inspire me ever single day, with there videos and out look of life. They have such a good view in the fitness industry and have helped me in my own training and nutrition many of times. They're extremely educated yet kind and caring and know exactly what they're talking about. This helps any one in the fitness industry, beginner or not. You build such a barrier of trust with these pair, which is such a lovely feeling. Not only that but they've just published their first book, 'Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome' which is fabulous for anyone looking for some fitness, foodie and workout motivation! I'm so unbelievably proud of these boys and how far they've come! And It's actually my dream to have a training session with them..... haha. 

Okay, so EVERYONE is aware of my love for Zanna, I never shut up about her in the least creepy way... Haha. I've followed Zanna on Instagram from day one, back when she began her own little fitness journey. Watching how far and how much this women has achieved is actually phenomenal. About a month ago I actually came to a massive realisation in my life thanks to Zanna. For the past year I've been struggling in finding my feet in my career, health and what I actually want out of life however deep down I always knew I was looking at people such as Zanna, watching her videos etc and think that's exactly what I want to do! I want to personal train, blog, inspire people, write a book, flipping whatever! I was then going away and still mourning over the fact I was 'stuck' in this rut of not knowing. A few months ago, I came to the realisation that actually... I am good enough to do all these things, and Zanna has taught me that if you bloody want something enough you flipping go for it.

Not only that but Zanna has helped massively in my training, back in the early days when I was just learning about good old weights, I felt as if we learned together and even now I love to pinch her cheeky glute workouts...Because have you seen Zanna's ass? Not only that but she makes me feel less guilty about my daily, humongous nut butter consumption.... as I know I'm not the only one...;-)

Tally Rye  

No one ever makes me smile more than Tally! She is one of my favourite women on the planet. She's lovely, funny, genuine and has the most killer body and booty in the world. I've actually never come across someone who reminds me of myself so much. There's no saying I'm a snapchat addict (I'm sorry, okay? Haha) however if I didn't watch Tally's snaps everyday I think I'd be a tiny bit lost, oppsie. however I love all of her posts, and especially the foodie ones! I think we must have the same breakfast everyday haha and also agree on the fact a 2nd...and sometimes 3rd breakfast is ALWAYS acceptable!

Tally really is one of the most beautiful people I've ever come across inside and out. I feel so lucky to have been able to follow her the past few years and watch how she's grown and transformed as a woman. Like Zanna she has helped me in realising I can actually do what ever I want to If I put my mind to it enough! Tally and Zanna together have both helped me find my love back for lifting weights, which I lost a 6 months ago. there booty inspo is kicking me back into shape ;-)

Tally is such a big inspiration to so many women and men everywhere and I'm unbelievably proud of her. And again it is my ultimate dream to train with Tally and Zanna, then have the biggest bowl of protein zoats, with all the toppings going!!! One day!

The Food Medic - Hazel Wallace

Hazel Wallace

If you want some serious oat, abs and hair envy go follow my beautiful little Hazel! She's an absolute star. Like Zanna and Tally I've followed Hazel right from the beginning and she's always reminded me of myself. I've watched how she grown, changed her lifestyle and watched these killer quads and abs transform. I mean what could be better? Hazel shows a wonderful balance between health, fitness, work, life, and food and I love watching how happy and positive she is day to day. She posts killer zoat porn along with some great little fat blasting workouts any of you may be searching for! Not only that but she always has something so lovely to say, if I'm ever feeling anxious or uneasy I always pop ahead to Hazel's snapchat which calms me right down, haha! I'll always have the biggest love for this girl and yet again, need a flipping shoulder session with her (Have you seen them beauties ;-))

Lots of love, lunges and peanut butter,

Holli xxx

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