Focus on Health Not Weight - Ditching the Scales.


So many of us are ruled by numbers, being obsessed, disappointed or fearful by the number which appear on the scales. This was me for a very long time my whole day and mindset was all down to that little number which really represents nothing. Constantly checking for that 'goal weight', only leading to disappointment. What I've learned is the most important thing isn't reaching a 'goal weight' yet focusing on health, wellness and ensuring you're healthy & happy. 

I've been down the trap of wanting to constantly know what I weigh like it was the most important thing on the planet. I'd weight myself sometimes over 5 times a day trying to find the most accurate reading possible. If the scale showed a lower number, it was a good day but if it was higher it was a bad day lead down a path of self loathing, guilt, depriving myself of certain foods and the feeling of failure. I believed if I didn't reach a certain number I'd never be beautiful and couldn't be happy but the truth is... that 'certain' number doesn't exist. Whatever I saw upon them daunting scales I was still incredibly unhappy and unhealthy. As soon as I stopped focusing on that insignificant number and focused on a balanced lifestyle and my psychical & mental health, I found I as much happier.

I come across some many women and men all stuck to these miserable diets and all aiming for this 'goal weight' believing they will be happy yet only throwing their health down the drain. Most of these so called 'diets' are restricting your calorie intake and eliminating most essential vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to function. Then pushing yourself through gruelling exercise in which most of us hardly enjoy. This is because most of the time your body is incredibly malnourished. 

You should find a balance in which you're happy with. You shouldn't ever feel deprived or punished in terms of the food you put in your mouth and moving your body. It should be enjoyment, balance and a lifestyle. When you begin to listen to you body, fuelling and feeding it in the best ways. Listen to the food it wants and needs and it'll give you the right feedback. Find ways to exercise in which you enjoy and bring you happiness rather than forcing yourself in order to burn off your guilt from the pizza you ate last night... If you don't enjoy slaving away on the treadmill for an hour, then don't! Try something new like a class, walking, dancing, swimming, pilates etc. and begin accepting the body you're in loving and appreciating all the wonderful things it can actually do. The more and more you do this the less and less you'll care about that silly little number, you'll being to feel better and trust me that will show. Your body will begin to fall into a place where it is a happy and healthy weight. 

The number you see on the scale is very, very unrealistic and personally I believe it reflects no truth. We create these expectations in our heads of what we should and shouldn't be and what we should and shouldn't look like. So if we loose a bit of weight, this doesn't mean that suddenly we'll find what we've been searching for and find our 'dream body'. Really we have no idea how much we are actually supposed to weight and every single one of us are completely different. Your weight fluctuates from your gender, age, lifestyle, activity levels, our health and our emotional states. Meaning the number on the scale will always be changing.

Secondly, 'muscle weights more than fat' ... Gaining or losing numbers on the scale doesn't always mean you're gaining or losing fat. The composition of a lb of fat is completely different compared to a lb of muscle. Muscle has a leaner appearance due to it's high density whereas your fat tissue needs more space due to it's low volume. When you're active and working out eg weight training, you'll gain more muscle which will also allow you to burn more fat. Muscle takes up less space than fat. So, two people at the same weight with different body fat and muscle masses will look completely different. Every single one of us has different bodies and proportions. There is no right or wrong.

Most importantly lets aim to feel good and healthy. Always do what you feel is right, love and respect your body. Move well and enjoy everything you do and feel great. Most importantly remember the number on the scale doesn't indicate your health, your appearance or personality. So throw out them scales! And focus on you and a happy life!

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