Ways To Fight The Bloat!


Bloating! It's a right pain in the neck, right?

Over the past year I've had many girls like myself come to me with eating disorders, an intolerance, icky digestive issues or simply getting stressed with their bloating, all asking me the same questions... "How do you stop your bloating?", "How do you control your IBS?" "What are the best things to do for IBS/Bloating?" 

I've also had a lot of girls come to me reminding me of the place I was in a year ago, very stressed and alone. To be honest I felt like I was the only person on the planet who's tummy swelled like a balloon every time I ate something or got stressed but it's so important to know you really aren't alone! There are so many people out there dealing with a similar or if not the same thing!

 It's something myself and I know many others have suffered or suffer with daily. Bloating can be caused by multiple things, an intolerance, eating gassy and fatty food, stress, water, over eating etc. A year ago after being diagnosed with IBS my bloating was at it's worse. It's important to remember that average bloating from eating a tub of ice cream and the affects of IBS are two different things and have different symptoms. However the serve bloating that comes with IBS caused me extreme pain, cramps, discomfort and leaving me looking 7 months pregnant. It caused me to feel incredibly down, alone and self-conscious to the point I wouldn't leave the house. Then I'd find myself getting rather frustrated and take it out on the people I loved, which only made it worse, and the vicious cycle began again. Luckily over the past year I've really began to control my IBS and bloating and thankfully it's something I don't suffer with as much. It's not fully gone sadly, it happens to a lot of us! If I do get a flare up they aren't as frequent and I deal with them a lot better. Luckily, I have found many methods and ways throughout the day to reduce the pain and bloat. 

Lemon Water 

Starting your day with some warm water and juice of a fresh lemon is a brilliant way to awaken your digestive system in order to get everything moving. The lemon juice is brilliant for cleansing your system in order to reduce your bodies unwanted toxins. It  causes your liver to produce bile in which helps spark the digestive system and get rid of any bacteria. Not only that but it can be incredibly soothing and comforting on your stomach and I also love to have if when I'm feeling a little under the weather, morning or night! 

Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar, not the most appealing thing in the world but it works a dream when your tummy is feeling bloated (trust me you get used to it!) 

 Apple Cider Vinegar is great for supporting digestion by producing enzymes, certain acids, and helps break down any food you consume. I usually take a tbsp of this each morning and if I'm feeling a little bloated half an hour before a meal. You can also mix it with some water, lemon juice and little honey to sip on for a digestive boosting drink.

Aloe Vera Juice

I can honestly say I couldn't live without this stuff and it's digestive powers. It's worked like a dream. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits and commonly known for helping and soothing your digestive system. Aloe is an adaptogen which will help with either constipation of diarrhoea, meaning it can benefit many of you and is extra good for anyone suffering with IBS. It helps decrease the amount of unfriendly bacteria  in your gut and keeps your healthy intestinal flora in balance. It aids in detoxification and reduces and removes the toxin in your body. I use this one from Holland and Barrett, I take 15ml in the morning and before bed! It always helps in giving my digestive system a boost. 

Probiotics - Optibac 

Combined with the Aloe I can say that taking probiotics have improved my digestive issues massively. I take the 'for everyday EXTRA STRENGTH' ones by optibac. These have worked amazingly, they've helped ease most of my IBS symptoms and decreased by bloating massively. Probiotics help to restore the balance of good bacteria in your gut reducing your gas and blaoting symtpoms and can also be found in foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods.

It did take a good few months before I started to see any changes or improvements, so give them time and be patient.

Keeping Hydrated

It sounds incredibly stereotypical but I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping well hydrated and drinking enough water. It is even more important when it comes down the a healthy digestive system and less bloating. When hydrated everything in your gastrointestinal tact is kept flowing and your bowls moving correctly. Be sure to aim for 2 to 3 litres of water per day and 3 to 4 if you're exercising, I always keep a bottle with me which is a great reminder.

Reduce The Gassy Promoters 

Reducing any 'gassy promoters' as I like to call them has helped me over the past year. Things such as chewing gum, fizzy drinks and drinking through straws are a no no no! This is because you're causing yourself to swallow excess air which contributes massively to bloating.

It's also a good idea to be aware of certain 'gassy' foods which could possibly contribute or make your bloating worse. Foods such as onions, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower could produce more gas. It is however important to keep your diet high in fruit and veg, ensuring you get enough fibre. I never ever eliminate any veg from my diet however if I'm feeling a little more bloated I'll stay away from those gas producing ones. Fatty foods can also slow down your digestion which may be a problem with people who have a tendency to bloat, so try cutting down on fatty foods and see if it helps. 


One of the most useful things I've found not only for my body but my mind has been yoga. I love to go to the gym and lift heavy weights or going on a long run, don't get me wrong but if my stomach is playing up it's the last thing I actually feel like doing. Plus putting extra strain on my body actually only make it worse. Yoga has quite literally saved me many of times. I know so many people are extremely skeptical towards yoga and will turn around and say "Isn't it just stretching?" or "I'm not flexible enough!" or "It's not a proper workout" however trust me when I tell you that all of these statements are wrong. Firstly anyone can do yoga, it's wonderful for the mind and body, and believe it or not can be a tough old workout!. One of the biggest benefits is helping digestion/bloating/constipation! Sequences put together which involves deep breathing, stretches, twists, bends which all massage and massage out any of your internal toxins and get your system moving. You can easily find lots of already put together sequences online by some brilliant yoga coaches and teachers. 

Mindful Eating, & Intuitive Eating

When it comes down to eating it probably sounds daft that we should be mindful, we just do it right? exactly. Too many of us spend our times eating rushing, talking, texting while shovelling the food in without even thinking about it or properly tasting it. Another thing we're guilty of is eating when we aren't actually hungry and overeating which are two great culprits of causing the bloat. Eating down to your emotions or because you're bored as your body is in a stressful state and cannot absorbs and digest the food nutrients. Being mindful of the food you're chewing is important in order to break it down as much as possible in order to reduce the stresses on your digestive tack. Finding gratitude in the food you're eating and the nutrients and affect it's having on your body, slowing down is the key.

Ensure you eat in a relaxed a calm atmosphere as this can be extremely important for good digestion. Try taking a meal time where you sit down to eat your food properly, slowly and enjoy it. Switch off the TV, phones, stress, worries.

Try including some of these things in your daily routine and see if they help your bloating and digestive issues. Remember it's all trial and error, what works for myself may not work for you but I can only give you my advice from experience. The combination of all of these things have helped me in so many way, making me feel healthier and happier.

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