Healthy Snacking with Nutri-Bombz


Delicious and healthy snacks delivered right through your letter box, what more could you want?

I was so so excited the other day when the lovely team from the company Nutri-Bombz kindly sent me a pack of their healthy energy balls! And I've been absolutely loving them! They're such a yummy snack making them feel like a treat but when you look at they're ingredients they're completely nutritious and healthy. Perfect.. Guilt Free!

These little balls of goodness are packed with super foods and 100% natural ingredients such as dates, goji's, nuts, chia seeds, cacao, coconut oil, hemp, meaning they contain numerous health benefits you bodies going to love you for.

They create three different type of 'bombz' the orginal nutri-bombz, protein bombz for you gym goers and breakfast bombs a perfect addition to your morning oats. If you take a look on their website you have a whole load of flavours to choose from such as choccy orange, berry bliss cheesecake, cappuccino, carrot and walnut cake, salted caramel (my favourite!!!), peanut butter, rhubarb & custard and the list goes on! Sounds amazing right?

All you have to do is like the flavours you're loving the sound of and they'll create a box just for you, packed with four different flavours and three of each! Plus they're reasonably priced compared to some other healthy snacks on the market, each box is only £4.99 containing 12 balls, which I think is brilliant. I think it's a really affordable way to get some delicious healthy snacks delivered to your door without any messing about and prep.

The packaging is brilliant and makes it really easy to grab and go or pop a few in your bag. I also love how they place all the macro nutrient information on each packet telling you the calories, carbohydrates, protein and fats. Which is great for anyone who tracks macros! They're all under 100 calories and packed with a good source of carbs, fats and protein! The perfect little energy burst!

I got sent two orginal nutri-bombz Carrot & Walnut cake and Vanilla Fudge, a protein bomb Salted Caramel and a breakfast bomb Morgina Miracle. And I can confirm I've loved all of them. They're packed with amazing flavour, textures, while being super filling, I actually can't get over how delicious they really are. I've been loving them before or after the gym, a quick morning snack or paired with a big bowl of greek yogurt!

My favourite were certainly the Salted Caramel without a doubt, they're absolutely perfect to whip them sweet cravings. (Plus I love ANYTHING salted caramel) They're gooey and sticky meaning they just melt in your mouth and explode with the strongest caramel flavours and the perfect hint of salt. I had to really stop myself from eating all three in one go. I actually cannot fault them.

The Vanilla Fudge is a another great one for another with a sweet tooth, like myself, haha. It has just the right balance of vanilla and incredibly moorish, perfect for a quick morning snack.

Carrot and Walnut Cake I found really comforting, filling and certainly has the amazing flavours of carrot cake, hints of cinnamon with the crunchy textures of the nuts. Which is great paired with a cuppa.

Morgina Miracle I've paired with my oats or yogurt, which has worked perfectly, giving me that extra boost of energy. The superfood Morgina is a natural multi-vitamin and contains many health benefits such as energy release, better hair and skin, better immune system, anti-ageing properties and helps with tiredness and fatigue. So these little balls of goodness and a brilliant addition to your morning!

If you're loving the sound of these make sure you go check the guys at Nutri-Bombz out! I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for some healthy snacks. I'll certainly be getting my paws on another box very soon!

So go ahead and grab yourself a box and dig in!

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