WORK IT - Quads On Fire!!!


And i'm back with another cheeky workout for you. This week I thought I'd give you the choice of the workout... After asking you guys what you wanted to see this week, between a quad killer and glute blaster, to my surprise quads won by far! 

This one is for all you out there looking to build up and strengthen your quads as well as glutes. I've done this workout twice now (and trust me I never repeat the same workout) but it killed me that much, I wanted to do it again! My quads and glutes were burning the whole workout and days after which I love and hate at the same time, haha. I can honestly say I was waddling around like a bloody penguin. 

So if you're looking for a good old sweaty leg workout this weekend, make sure you give this Quads on Fire workout a go... Lets build some quads baby! 

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