10 Things You Don't Know About Me...


You may have noticed recently on my posts, I've changed my writing style. Oh yep, I've gone back to a chitty-chatty Holli, letting go of perfectionism. With today's blog post I wanted to chit-chat about something other than a recipe or a workout. I mean you all know I'm a fitness bunny and foodie lover, it's my passion and my life but I thought I'd let you know 10 things you maybe didn't know about me. One of the biggest reasons I ever began blogging was due to my absolute love for writing, I absolutely love to write to hopefully inspire, amuse and entertain you! So I I really felt like sitting back and writing away while you get to know a little more about me. AND I want to get to know a little more about you! So feel free to chat and tell me one interesting and exciting thing about you in the comments! I'd love to know! 


Ever since I was the age of 2 I've had the biggest passion for English, I have spent my whole life reading and writing. For as long as I wanted to be a journalist, hence my love for blogging. I remember when I was a kid and all I ever wanted to do was read and create my own imaginary worlds and stories. I loved it. I love anything with a fictional world and imagination. I love the way something so simple as literature can create a whole sense of image and emotion. 


When I was younger my favourite thing to do was roller skating. I'd be whizzing here there and everywhere, up ramps, jumping, gliding and twirling. I always struggled to find something I was good at when it came to be active, I was kind of the kid no one would ever pick in sport (would you believe it, haha) BUT roller skating was my jam! I loved it and still do to this day, it weirdly makes me feel alive and free. 


I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to anything technical. I've always loved anything media related, again that comes into my love for writing/journalism. My love for media has benefited me right up to this day, my knowledge in advertising, article writing, photography and filming all come into what I do today. I love love love it!


As much as I want to Personal Train and coach one of my biggest dreams is to eventually have my own healthy, organic food deli. I have the biggest passion for cooking, recipe creating and making wholesome, nourishing food delicious, comforting and something we can all enjoy. I want to spread the message that healthy food doesn't haven't to be boring, it's something that can be amazingly flavoursome and create dishes and treats people always want to munch on. It'd be great to have somewhere where people can pop in pick up some warm soup, a gorgeous salad, fresh smoothie or cheeky vegan brownie. I'd love to have my own little place where people can come to feel comfortable, calm and happy. I'd also love to throw supper clubs, yoga sessions and various events. It's such a long goal but something I'd love to do.


A bit of an odd one but hey if you don't know already I have the world's biggest Minnie Mouse obsession. I've had it for as long as I can remember, honestly anything Minnie Mouse and I go craaazyyy. My mum bought me a life sized Disney Minnie Mouse for my 18th birthday. She's slept on one side of the bed ever since... who needs a man!


The one thing no one really knows about me is that one of my main roles/jobs is being a carer to my mum. Back in 2009 my mum lost the use of her back and ability to walk leaving her in a wheelchair this sadly led to a lot more complications. I took on a caring role at the age of 11 which led me to grow up very quickly. I absolutely love caring for my mum and it's something that is never ever something I wish I didn't. She's come so far in the past years and I'm so incredibly proud. She is my best friend and my rock.


Would you believe it? Yep, even I used to hate exercising. I used to sit around dreading even the thought of a run or a squat. This was always down to the way I viewed things, I viewed exercise as something which was a punishment. I'd only ever believed it was something people did to loose weight. As an overweight & very unfit teen any form of exercise was something I really wasn't very good at. Yet how wrong was I... Exercise should never be a dread, punishment or something we feel we cannot do. It's a celebration! You can move your body, you can feel amazing and something you should always enjoy. AND exercise doesn't mean gym, gym, gym. Finding my love for weight lifting allowed me to feel strong, finding my love for yoga allowed me to feel free, finding my love for hula hooping takes me back to being a little girl. It's rather wonderful.


There are so many reasons I went Vegetarian and then Vegan and it was a very gradual decision. Each and every reason is just as important as the other and they all come to make my final decision. It began as I just started eating less meat, I noticed this really helped my IBS and digestive issues. I started to make a whole lot of recipes from Deliciously Ella's blog/book which helped me find a passion for food and the kitchen again, I then began trying out my own. I began to feel so much more energised, started training again and started to do more and more research into Veganism. I've always been the biggest animal lover so that was a no brainier however when I began to research more and more I found out so many more things that were effected due to the consumption of meat and animal products. Before I knew it I realised I wasn't eating meat at all anymore and was no longer craving it and I can't eat dairy or eggs due to intolerance. So as my beliefs grew it was clear I wanted to go Vegetarian, I was still having bits of cheese and dairy however this year I have fully gone Vegan.


My first tattoo will always be the closest to my heart. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday and I knew I had wanted it for so long. It's in aid of my Eating Disorder recovery which is the quote 'Every day is a miracle, one day at a time' along with the Eating Disorder recovery symbol.
This quote was a quote me and my mum saw when I was in my relapse, I can remember the day very very clearly. It was the best day I was having in a long time and as we both saw the quote upon a bracelet, it was as if there were a little glimmer of hope shining down on me. She bought my the bracelet yet I always knew that I wanted it tattooed. I have in along my rib, so not many people know it's there. Yet it stays with me every day as the biggest comfort.


Despite what you see over social media, no one has this 'perfect life'. I often get asked how my diet is so good or how I keep motivated etc. No I don't feel motivated and happy 24/7, sometimes I eat too much chocolate, sometimes my workouts are awful, not all my food is prettily laid out and sometimes I feel like a piece of crap and scream and cry. But that's okay. And NO, I don't have it all figured out. I actually have no clue. I'm just doing what I love, loving what I do and trying my hardest each day to get where I hope to be. Life isn't meant to be perfect and I'm slowly but surely learning that. 

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