The Journey Of Balance


Hellloooo my lil chickpeas! I hope you all had a wonderful, love filled Christmas! (with lots of yummy food of course!!) I had such a lovely time with my family and our most loved Christmas traditions!

I thought this was the perfect time to talk about something I've wanted to for a while... Balance.

Balance can be such a tricky word, I think. It can be so misjudged or overused. And think about it, really, everyone's view of the word 'balance' are all completely different. 

We all kinda have our own idea. Let's think about it terms of our life as a whole. Say our business life is going brilliantly, then more than likely our relationships and health will suffer. Say we dedicate our life to our physical well being this could again determine our relationships, health or diet. Doing too much or too little of something really just throws us off the whole wire of 'balance'. 

I've done it. In many ways. Let's look at it in fitness. I've not exercised at all which has affected my health and altered my diet. I've trained too much which destroyed relationships and again my health. I've ate too much and ate too little which have both caused health and social issues. I've been mentally driven and not motivated in the slightest. I've been that dedicated to work that I've cancelled social events or family time. Really everything is one big balancing act, right? From our income, activity levels, education, health and waistlines. (EVEN down to my peanut butter consumption!!!!!)

One thing I've found that with most things in our lil lives there is always one extreme or another. The whole thing is a journey of balance. Sadly it doesn't come over night. Finding a balance between healthy eating, exercise, our health, our family, friends, going out, work, hobbies etc. Is a life journey and lesson. It's something we have to work on and only learn from. 

The truth is sometimes you ARE going to make many mistakes (I'm the worlds best) but HEY it's okay! One thing you should never EVER do is compromise your happiness and health for any of these extremes. It's being able to create the lifelong balance in your lifestyle you're happy with. It's about getting in your vitamins and minerals but enjoying your slice of cake (or in my case too much peanut butter...) Or having that glass of wine at the end of the day when you've completed your emails and taken the dogs for a long walk. Or popping out with a friend and enjoying that hot chocolate after work. Or listening to your body and doing some yoga rather than lifting weights or running for miles because you genuinely enjoy it. Or having the salad or the pizza without being judged because you genuinely want it. Or creating 5 minutes for yourself to mediate, stop and breathe. 

A balanced mindset is everything. It places you in a journey. It's not about too much or too little of something. As I say Peanut butter is classed as a 'healthy fat' yet in my quantities... Ain't so healthy. Haha. But hey I enjoy it! And that's my point. It's all a balancing act which we have to find in our own grounds and happiness. There is no quick fix or magic pill. It just requires patience and learning to listen and trust yourself. Whether it be fitness, health, nutrition, work, etc. Your should NEVER feel pressured, restricted or unhappy. 

I can honestly say I'm finding balance more than I ever have. I love my workouts and if I miss one I don't get worked up, I don't just weight train anymore I love yoga and dancing around my house to my favourite songs (yes this is a bloody workout), I don't focus my life on 'one workout' I make my whole life active, and I love it! I make more time for my family! My diet is incredibly varied and I love trying out new things and I never cut out a food group! And hey if I eat too much peanut butter I'll be fineeee! I schedule work but I also give myself time off so I don't completely burn out. Don't get me wrong I've not reached a compete balance at all however with each and every day I find something new that helps me on the journey. 

Like I said, make the mistakes and learn from them.

Speak soon,

Holli xxx

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