WORK IT - Barbell Leg Blast


Hey my lil chickpeas! How're you doing? What have you been up to? Christmas shop
ping, wrapping presents, seeing family, working, popping up your Christmas tree? Either way I hope you've had a fab week! 

Obviously with Christmas just around the corner things get a whole lot busier, meals out, parties, time with family etc. AND really THEY ARE the most important things! I just want to slip in how you shouldn't get worked up at this time of year  over parties, eating & drinking a little more, not working out as much etc. Life is about balance and enjoying yourselves and to be quite honest, eating, drinking, spending time with family, training all make me incredibly happy so I'm gonna do them all!

However sometimes it can be a little tricky to fit in a workout, so when I do get to train I want to ensure I'm giving it my 100% best! Earlier this week I created this one piece barbell leg workout which I have to say really did push me... Haha. I was dripping with complete sweat! It's an absolute burner to add to your typical leg day or as a workout on it's own and all you need is a little bit of space and a barbell. For anyone unsure of the exercises, explained below!

Lunge & squat - For this exercise lunge back on your right leg then bring it into a squat that's one rep, lunge back again on your right leg and repeat for 15 reps. Repeat the same on your left leg. 

Jump over - Place your hands either side of the barbell and jump over with your legs

Lunge & Shoulder Press - Lunge back with your right leg and press the barbell into a shoulder press that's one rep. Do this for 15 reps on one leg and 15 on the other. 

Plant & Touch The Bar - Place yourself in a plank position facing the bar use alternate hands to touch the bar whilst keeps your body straight and core tight.

Pivoting Squat - Take your right leg forward and squat and take it back and squat that's 1 rep, repeat 10 times on each leg. 

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