INSPIRE ME: Guest Post - Emma Dukes


I couldn't be happier to feature this girl on my blog this week. In fact I'm practically about to burst with happiness!!! Emma has been one of my close friends for a while and honestly she's like a little ray of sunshine!

When deciding to finally transition to Vegan, Emma was one of my biggest inspirations. She pushed through and battled with an Eating Disorder with the help of a Vegan diet and come through the other side shining and happier than ever. I've followed Emma and her recovery and I can honestly say I've watched her blossom. She's a complete diamond to myself and many others.

I absolutely loved reading Emma's answers and I've been super excited to post them. I fe
el like they will help and inspire many of you just as much has she has me!

1) What does being 'healthy' mean to you?

To me, healthy doesn't mean eating clean all the time or working out every day. Healthy means being at peace with yourself, making (food related or otherwise) conscious decisions that have positive effects on your mindset and body and eating freely.

2) What inspired you to go Vegan?

During my anorexia recovery, I learned about veganism and all of the positive effects it has on the planet, your own health and of course the animals. I actually tried veganism when I was quite young but failed, I was vegetarian most of my childhood. When I started recovery when I was 15, my team agreed that if I reached a certain weight I could be vegan so I tried everything I could to achieve that. I taught myself more about the cause and the day I hit a healthy weight I made the change and never looked back. It was definitely my biggest motivator because it helped me realise that if I helped myself I could also help the animals.

3) Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to transition to Vegan or try more Vegan foods?

I'd always say research. You need to know how horrific the industries are to change your mind set and never go back. Also speak to other people (like me) who can help you, if seems scary changing your entire lifestyle but it's so easy. Also, eat foods you're used to just vegan versions because that way it seems like hardly any 'sacrifice' at all.

4) What keeps you motivated?

I don't feel like I need to stay motivated really because I've reached the point where I know I could never go back to not being vegan. I know I'm having an impact and it's helped me personally too.

5) What is your favourite meal of all time?

Definitely sweet potato curry. It's so easy to make, so healthy and so yummy!!

6) Who inspires you?

People on Twitter inspire me the most in terms of veganism, seeing people go to events and seeing people post meals and stuff gives me new ideas. There's such an amazing community of vegans online and they all have a massive impact inspiring people to make the change. In terms of every day life, my family inspire me to better myself and that anyone can achieve anything.

7) What would you describe as the 'perfect' day?

The perfect day to me just involves eating a lot of good food with the people I love, giving people advice and reading good books.

8) What 3 foods/ingredients could you not live without?

Pasta, sweet potato and veg!

9) What do you like to do to stay active?

To stay active I always walk instead of getting the bus, walk my dog, do home workouts, and I'm hoping to get back to the gym after two months break!

10) What makes you happy?

Seeing other people progress and achieve their goals makes me happy, I truly believe other peoples' happiness influences mine.

11) Lastly, what's your favourite quote?

My therapist said to me before I went vegan 'to save the world, you first need to save yourself'

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