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I love a good subscription box! I mean who doesn't? You can go so so many now all tailored to a huge variety of different things. Fitness, health, protein treats, healthy treats, chocolate, beauty, well being, you name it! It's so exciting to get a little box of goodies delivered straight to your door, with the anticipation of what you've got to try inside. 

I was more than delighted when the company The Healthy Body Kit agreed to send me one of their boxes all based around healthy living & fitness. Ranging from teas, vitamins, to facial serums, hair products, super foods, gym boosts and more! It's aimed at mainly women who all have a passion for health, fitness and well being. Right up my street.

Our aim is to help you become the best version of yourself that there is – fitter, healthier and happier! – The Healthy Body Kit

What I love about the Healthy Body Kit is that it is so so easy to order and select your box. Plus you get to design your own from a huge variety of products, meaning you know you're going to receive something you'll love and use. It's so simple to go to the 'build your kit section' and select 6 products you want in your box. Not only that but they pop in an extra 7th surprise product! Bonus right?

Each box only costs you £16.99 or you can subscribe monthly for just £11.99 which I think is bloody fantastic for everything you get inside! I found every product I received was good quality, worth the money products all in which I know I shall use. It's 100% worth the money. 

I've been super pleased with everything I received in my box and I've been absolutely loving all of the products! To give you an idea of what you could get inside, here is what was inside my little goodie box. 

I got a variety of treats including:

 Terre Verdi Facial Oil: Packed with geranium and green tea oils in  order to help bring balance back to your skin. It'll help reduce inflammation and keep your skin looking fabulous! It's 99% certified organic and 100% cruelty free! This oil has been an absolute life saver to me in the past colder weeks. The colder weather has meant my skin has gone incredibly dry and sore which never usually happens! So receiving this was like a dream come true.

 MOA The Green Balm: The Green Balm is a 100% natural multi-purpose healing/beauty balm. It has multiple benefits such has helping dry/itchy skin, helps heal grazes/cuts/blisters/bruises/burns, helps chapped and weathered lips, helps sore noses from pesky colds, calms inflamed skin, helps scares and stretch marks, soothes tattoos and piercings, or can even be used to help remove make up! I've found this product fantastic, due to having really sensitive skin and I've been especially loving it for soothing my tattoos!

 The Chia Co Chia Seed Shot: Bursting with protein, omega 3 and fibre these little shots of chia seeds are extremely convenient. They're a great way to get a little nutritional boost, even if you're on the go.  Just two of these shots will provide you with 3g of Omega 3 ALA, 6g of fibre and over 3g of plant based protein. Chia seeds are a staple in my diet, as I love making chia pudding! So receiving this was a treat!

T+ Smarter Tea: A range of delicious green teas packed with daily essential vitamins, natural herbs and real fruit flavourings. Great to pack in lots of goodness if you're feeling a little run down, need an afternoon pick me up or just want a good tasting cup of tea. They do a range of 4 different teas; Raspberry & pomegranate boost tea, apple & blackcurrant detox tea, orange & blueberry immunitea and lemon & peach multi tea!

Tabithia James Kraan Organic 4 in 1 Conditioner: A organic, natural conditioner you can use in 4 different ways; As a traditional conditioner while washing hair, use as a leave in conditioner to wet or dry hair, a scalp moisturiser for dry, flaky scalps or to help give texture when styling. It's certified with organic rose hip oil, argan oil and coconut oil which restores and harnesses the hair! it helps your hair stay healthy, shiny and soft! I'm very much known for my hair. I've had a lot of trouble with my hair and hair damage in the past year, building it back up has been a challenge so having this little addition to try is something I'm 1005 looking forward to!

Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200: A pure, clear serum suitable for normal to dry skin containing 200mg hyaluronic acid per bottle which helps reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and hydrate your skin! It contains organic pomegranate extract to soften and protect your skin and delicately fragranced with organic rosewater. It's completely natural and organic and again has been a dream to my face over the Winter period!

Tisserand Citrus Escaspe Perfume Roll On: A sweet blend of coconut oil with natural essential oils and extracts of lemon, orange and mint. This beautiful and natural perfume can be applied to your wrists, neck  or behind the ears whenever you feel the need. I love smelly's and smelling nice, so this is the perfect addition to any handbag on the go!

Overall I was incredibly happy with The Healthy Body Kit subscription box and it's 100% something I would go back to subscribe to!

What are you thoughts? What are your favourite subscription boxes? Let me know!

Get your first Healthy Body Kit here! 

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