Confidence Chat: Going After What You Want


Many of us spend a lot of our time doing things we don't actually want to do... Whether it be working away in a job we despise or living in a constant fear of taking any risk in case it ends in failure. It just seems going after what you want can be some sort of crime! 

That's where confidence plays a huge role. Believing we cannot succeed which leads us in falling into our safety zones. Yes! You know the place I'm blabbing on about. Whether that's the job you hate, settling for second best, wanting to travel but cannot afford it, wanting to get out of certain circumstances etc. It's so easy to stop bettering yourself in fear of what the outcome will be. 

"I can't" a mostly common phrase, and what I believe top be complete, utter bullshit. I mean fair enough, we can't exactly do everything but what is the point if you've never even tried? What's the point in saying "I can't" because you're lacking confidence or because of fear. Rubbish.

Remember what you were like as a child? I can remember actually accepting "No" as an answer was a crime, you'd always reply with "But why not?" It was as if the world were your oyster and you were capable of being flipping superman if you truly wanted to. I mean I always wanted to be a mermaid, and whenever I went swimming? Yeah I owned that bloody title!!!

It doesn't matter exactly what it is but if there is something that you truly want, something that sets a light off in your brain, gives you an admiration and a spark in your eye. Talk about it, plan it, create it and the more you do that the more real it becomes. Don't feel like the world around you has to stop you from ever doing that.

I spent a long, long time in a place where I believed I had to try and please everyone else in case they didn't agree with my decisions. But how silly is that? I mean it's my life. I'm the one keeping my heart pumping, taking each step, thinking my thoughts. Surely, if I want to do something, I bloody god damn can. If you're not happy with something change it, If you want something or someone flipping go for it. Surround yourself with people who truly believe in you and the things you're striving for, not the ones bringing you down, they'll give you a confidence like you've never known.

By not going forward, you'll be stuck in that same place that yes, maybe you class it as 'safe' but it doesn't mean you should be there. If you don't give it a shoot, you'll simply never know.

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