Confidence Chat: No More Body Shaming.


Hello my lil chickpeas!!! I'm starting a new little series on my blog today called 'Confidence Chat' which is going to involve a series of different blog posts all based around gaining confidence in a variety of aspects of our lives, such as confidence in ourselves, work, diets, trying new things, fitness, health, etc. Sooooooo I'm kicking it off with a post that I think will help and benefit many of us and certainly something I am continuously trying to tackle. Body Shaming. 

It's so easy to let our minds bully our bodies. We need to lose the extra tummy weight, a smaller waist, longer hair, six pack abs, clearer skin, bigger guns, leaner legs or perkier bum. Yep. We all do it! Catch ourselves in these downward spirals of complete negative self talk to our bodies. Half of these thing I can assure you wouldn't say to your best friend, your partner, mum, sister or child... Would you? 

Somewhere along the way of disregarding compliments and hating the reflection we see staring back in the mirror, we have simply forgotten just how wonderful and beautiful we really are. Are human bodies are actually magical. Something we should be cherishing not hating. Just because someones got 'shiner hair' than you, a 'perkier bum' or 'bigger biceps' doesn't mean you're not good enough. I find we are in a world living in the comparison to everyone else, the things we have wrong with ourselves constantly picking and pulling to everyone else's 'better' points. When really each and every one of us are doing the same. So really it's just one big vicious circle!!!! 

Again while we are getting so caught up in scales, numbers, weights and measurements. Analysing what is right and what is wrong. Through all of this you forget how intelligent, strong, funny, kind, unique and exciting you actually are.  

I've been in so many points of my life where body shaming has taken over. Not just for a second but my whole entire day. From the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them at night. I've found my self going crazy at whether I had abs or no abs, boulder shoulders or too skinny, scrawny arms, leaner legs or 'podgy' legs. I've been over and over and over these same thoughts. Picking and picking. And for what? To still not be satisfied with something that everyone else around me probably loves. 

You cannot weight your beauty. The inner beauty. The inside and thoughts of each one of us are nothing like what we see on the outside. We all have different interests, likes, dislikes, goals etc. Just because she's got smaller legs than you doesn't mean you need to eat less or just because someone is overweight doesn't mean they don't exercise. Each and every one of our bodies are different and unique. And you know what? I think it's a bloody amazing thing. We're only on this planet for a short time. I think it's time we stop hurting and punishing our bodies and loving them. Nothing is wrong or right. No one is better or worse. 

Treat your body how you would you best friend. 

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