Irish Cream Minty Mocha Coffee Cooler


Hey my lil chickpeas! 
In celebration for St. Patrick's day I teamed up with the guys at Beanie's coffee to bring you a recipe using their 'Irish Cream' flavoured coffee. Ain't you lucky?! 
This recipe isn't complex or complicated at all but the perfect chilling, drink to please your taste buds. Irish Cream Mocha Coffee Cooler. Oh yep. Going all out there with the added chocolate and mint just seemed right... Trust me!
Let's talk frapp's. I'm a coffee addict there is no denying. I can confirm this recipe pleases me massively.
The blend of Beanie's strong, Irish cream coffee with hints of sweet chocolate and peppermint. All come together to create an abundance of flavours then blended with ice to make a indulgent, cooling drink! It's the perfect drink to get us in the summer mood. And as Irish coffee is usually blended with whiskey or baileys it means this drink is perfect if you don't drink alcohol too! You still feel like you're having a treat! Without the booze (but hey by all means add it if you fancy!)

It's also optional to add some frozen banana which adds extra sweetness and thickness to your drink! Also great before a workout or afternoon pick me up! 
Give it a pop - you wont be sorry! 

1 small brewed cup of Beanie's Irish Cream coffee
1/2 cup plant based milk (coconut or almond are my favourites) 
1 tbsp cacao/cocco powder 
1/2 tsp peppermint extract
1 tsp maple syrup/agave 
1/2 a frozen banana (optional, gives a thicker/sweeter drink)

Around 15 ice cubes
Place everything in your blender and blend together until smooth, thick and frothy. Serve in your favourite glass and enjoy! 

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