Bust The Fitness Plateau!


Hello my lil chickpeas! Happy hump day and day 3 of Project #FocusOnMe! I hope you're all kicking ass and feeling amaaaazing. On that note today's blog post kinda fits in with the whole idea! It's about breaking a Fitness Plateau!

Through life with anything and everything we reach points of being completely addicted and motivated with things. Whether it be a workout, your favourite lunch, a trip to your favourite coffee shop, or the new pair of gym kicks your totally in love with. 

As a lover of fitness, believe it or not yep I reach slumps, plateaus and days, weeks, sometimes months where I really just 'cannot be bothered'. I'm bored and not feeling my best. It's easy to quit or to give up but obviously that isn't what we want to do! So I'm here to help! 

When we first enter fitness, start a new regime or goal etc. You feel bloody great! you see weight dropping or muscle gaining, your strength increasing and feel healthier inside and out! So when that dreadful plateau comes upon you. You're doing your usual thing, training hard but feeling poo or seeing no results! AHH! What do I do?

Mix things up! Why not try something new than what you're usually used to? If you're used to running long distance why not try mixing it up with some sprints? If you're used to lifting a certain weight and rep range mix up your rep and weight ranges! If you're used to training on your own why not try a class? Or try something new all together, you might find something you really enjoy.

On that note, it's always good to change up your routine. If you usually workout in the evening, why not try a morning workout? Sometimes that change will give you he motivation and focus back that you need.

Fuel yourself properly. Yep it's obvious that your nutrition comes into play with your training. Make sure you're fuelling your body well and enough to give you the energy to perform at your best. Listen to your body, if you need a small snack before exercising, it may help you push yourself that little bit further. Also making sure you're eating enough with plenty of variation, vitamins and nutrients will ensure your body is full or energy and working at it's best.

Take more rest! Whether this means including an extra rest day, yoga session or taking a break from your usual training completely. This will give your body time to recharge and be ready to go next time you come to train.

Sleep more! Getting that extra hour of shut eye could really give you the kick up the bum you need. Your body repairs quicker while you're sleeping! Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, ensuring you get enough rest will then later help your energy levels and training the following day. It will also help with anyone aiming to build muscle or lose fat.

Lastly, try not to be too disheartened by lack of progress. Why not have a go at measuring it slightly different. Focus less on progress and more on the process. This could allow you to grow and learn in the are and actually get you back into the frame of mind you need! Hopefully you get then get that spring back into your step!

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