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Hi there lil chickpeas. I hope you're doing fabbbyy. I'm here with a cheeky review today, branching awaayyy from fitness and food for once. Can you believe it?!

A few weeks ago I was very lucky to be sent some goodies from the company 'HelloSkin' who cater and sell products for all skin issues and types. From dry, to eczma, achne, scalp issues, to body washes, shower products etc. This means you can easily shop by your need, type or ingredients making it easy to find what is suitable for your skin.

 I absolutely love the idea behind HelloSkin! I myself have really sensitive, combination skin meaning I have to be careful of the products I use, there have been numerous occasions where, I have been searching high and low for suitable things but haven't been able to find them. But that is where HelloSkin make it super easy!

When searching the sight, I know I struggle with blemishes, spots and pores but with my skin been so sensitive to products I wanted to search the right ones. Recently I have been struggling with my skin a lil from stress, work and too many late nights! So I was over the moon when I came across Cliniques Anti-Blemish Solution with 3 steps suitable for all skin types!

The set comes with 3 little sized products - cleansing foam, the clarifying lotion, and an all-over clearing treatment. The cleansing foam is made to open up clogged pores and clear any dirt which would cause your spots and acne to form. The clarifying lotion exfoliates getting rid of any excess skin ready to move onto the all-over clearing treatment which soothes the skin, helps with blemishes, and helps prevent any further breakouts.

Firstly the packaging of this is great! The little sized green/turquoise bottles are simple and very professional looking. They're also the perfect size to take for travelling (which is what I always want!) Making them great for travellers or as a little gift!

For all of these products you only need a little bit each time which is great as you get good value for your money! And I've been more than impressed. I've been using them over the past few weeks and have started to see a difference in my skin continuously breaking out in spots. I've also seen a difference in my uneven skin tone and blemishes. I have actually noticed them beginning to even out. They have also been suitable for my sensitive skin, so if you struggle finding products that wont sting your skin, I'd certainly give them a go!

Overall, I've been super happy with Hello Skin and Clinques. I would certainly go back to use them again and would 100% recommend Hello Skin if you have skin conditions or need specific skin products and treatments!

Fancy purchasing these products yourself? Use the code 'HELLOHOLLIE' to receive 10% off your order!

Find the products here: https://helloskinshop.co.uk/collections/clinique
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