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 Friiii-yayyy! My lil chickpeas! And we're talking all things foodie... Surprise, surprise.

Now, come on we all know, I'm a hugeeeee snacker. It's one of my down falls between meals, I'm constantly picking at bits... and I'm always craving something usually sweet, opps. As much as I do love making my own healthy snacks to pick on throughout the day or take with me on the go, sometimes I simply don't have the time, the ingredients on hand or anything prepared. So I opt for making sure I buy a few to have in the house, in my gym bag or just in case I get the munchies (aka always!)  

So if you too are after a little desk-side snack that isn't full of sugar and other nasties...
Here are some of the yummiest, healthy supermarket/health food store snacks I absolutely love to pop in my bag, nibble on during the afternoon or grab after a sweaty workout!

Nakd Bars

Now stored at most super markets and health bars, Nakd Bars are the perfect snack to grab on the go! Unlike many snack/cereal bars which are heavily processed and packed with hidden sugars, naked bars are made from simply dates, raisins, nuts and some natural flavourings, mixed together to make a delicious, fudgy type bar. They're low in calories with no added sugars or nasty's yet really satisfying, especially if you're craving something sweet. I love chocolate orange or bakewell tart (It's seriously close to the real thing!) OR if you've not tried the new Lemon Drizzle! Flipping heck get on it!

Pip & Nut Squeeze Packs

As a nut butter addict these little single serve, squeezy Pip & Nut packs are the ultimate gym bag essential. They're perfect to pop with apple on the go before you hit the gym or need a quick grab & go snack. They're also incredibly good when you have serving problems with the peanut butter jar...Haha. Available in their peanut butter, almond butter & coconut almond butter, you can find them in stores such as Sainsbury's, Holland & Barret, Ocado and Whole foods.

Bounce Balls

energy balls are a naturally energy, protein snack. Small, chewy, nutritious yet filling balls, made and coated nuts and seeds, packing in plenty of energy and healthy fats. There are numerous flavours containing various superfoods such as cacao, spirulina, coconut, almonds etc. Bounce Balls are brilliant when you're craving something sweet with lunch, a mid -afternoon pick me up or need something super convenient, especially after the gym!

Whitworths Shots

Shots! Healthy shots and I hate to disappoint but not the alcoholic kind... Haha. The kind which give you a healthy, delicious and satisfying snack. These little packets of joy are packed with nourishing and energy boosting ingredients, such as seeds, nuts, biscuits, chocolate chips, dried fruit etc. mixed together to create 8 incredible flavours: Berry & White Chocolate, Toffee Pecan, Fruity Biscuit, Orange & Chocolate Seed, Raisin & Chocolate, Blueberry & Seed, Cranberry & Almond and Apricot & Seed.

All of these little shots are under 100 calories per shot! They're perfect if you want a quick snack on the go or they're fab for sprinkling over yogurt or oats!

Proper Corn Popcorn

For all popcorn lovers! Oh damnnnnn. This stuff is my dream. Propercorn is a popcorn which comes in 5 different flavours, made with natural ingredients and just under 130 cals per bag!! But each bag is filled with flavour and enough popcorn to completely satisfy you without feeling sluggish or bloated. Plus, there's a flavour for everyone wanting sweet? grab the Sweet Coconut And Vanilla or the Sweet & Salty, fancy savoury? Fiery Worcester and Sun Dried Tomato (which I swear reminds me of the Fiery Monster Munch) or need the perfect movie night snack? grab the lightly sea salted for that fluffy popcorn delight.


These lil bad boys are great for the savoury snackers! And greeeattt if you're a crisp addict. Popchips create a healthier crisp which are baked rather than fried meaning they have a light and crispy texture and don't have the grease of normal crisps. They certainly don't leave you feeling 'heavy' and 'blegh'. They come in a variety of flavours: Sea Salt, Barbecue, Mature Cheddar and Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, and Salt & Pepper. They have also started a new ridges rang in the flavours: Crazy Hot, Smokey Bacon, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Mature Cheddar & Onion. They're the perfect addition to any party, movie night or crisp craving buster. (Or eqaully as nice dipped in hummus!!!!)

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