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Happy Saturday my lil chickpeas!! It's finally the weekend! Andddd, we actually have some nice weather in front of us, can you believe that? I guess that's the way good old England works the right? It's why I love this time of year. We get the best weather now and then when our 'so called' summers arrive, it more than likely rains for high heavens. 

Not only that but nice weather means being outside! Aka the place I'd rather be than a sweaty gym... Haha. The world is literally your oyster. Run, dance, skip, hop, hula hoop (if you're anything like me)

UH-UH as soon as a lil bit of good weather hits, I am out like a flash! I much prefer to be active outside. It gives me an amazing feel good factor. Even yoga outside with the warm sun beating down on you seems 100x better. Plus, everyone's in a better mood (usually) that's got to call for something! 

Anyway, with that I asked you guys whether you still wanted my WORK IT workouts to come! And most of you answered HELL YEA! So here I am with a good old, 'Anywhere Booty' workout, that you can ABSOLUTELY do in the sun today! Oh yes! 

For this workout all you need is a chair or raised surface for the split squats! So a garden chair, out door step or park bench would work great! It's a HIIT based circuit, where you're going to perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest. For the donkey kicks and split squats make sure you do 45 seconds on each leg! Once you've done all the exercises 1 times through repeat 3 to 4 times! OR 5 if you're bad ass! 

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