Can't do it? Watch me.


Evening chickpeas, It's a slightly short post tonight. But I'm gonna get straight to the point. Oh yep. 

I just want to quickly share one of my favourite quotes with you! 

This quote is brilliant for me considering I'm a lil 5'2" midget. I like to think I'm lil fierce also. I mean I can be a hell of a handful considering I'm a tiny dot. 

Either way, this quote sums up the fiery feelings currently inside of me. And I ain't ashamed to say it. So as usual I wanted to blurt all these inner feelings in a post, nothing new there ey. 

 I feel like there have been a few little aspects in my life where I've been doubted at many different points, which has led onto me only doubting myself. In terms of my job, career, hobbies, success etc. 

I've always grown up worrying what others expected or thought of me. Over the years I've taught myself to actually not give a flying toss about what people think or their opinion. I stopped caring what people thought when I changed my career path, wanted to do yoga, wanted to run this blog even! Basically Holli became a confident lil bean who does what she wants and the way she wants, and if I fail so what?! I learn from it! If I'm happy that's all that matters. 

Recently, I've kinda lost that Holli. I've fallen back into the trap of worrying about what others think of me, thinking I can't do something and then being scared of it, 'I can't' seems to be popping up a lot more than I'd like, and I'm rushing to a conclusion I'm not good enough to accomplish all these crazy ideas I've got going on in my head. It's left me rather deflated. 

 Well, my friends, that's going to god damn change.

 Now, I know this maybe isn't the way to always think, but I really want to prove people wrong, mostly importantly prove myself wrong

Ever heard the quote? 

It always seems impossible till it's done
Well that is exactly correct.  

Lets use Yoga for an example. I remember way back at the beginning. It seemed so bloody impossible, believe me. The thought of ever moving in control of my hectic breath, calming my mind, balancing on my head were all things I'd long ago accepted 'weren't me'. So, Holli being Holli did give up for a little while. I honestly thought the whole idea of it would be completely impossible. But in time, I realised that I really wanted to do it, so I practised. I practised every single damn day, and would you believe what happened next? Yoga is now my favourite thing. 

So through a lot of persistence, patience and practice I self taught myself something I believed never possible. I've watched my body transform. And I proved myself wrong. 

I want to apply this attitude back into myself and things I really want to achieve in my life. I mean of course they're going to seem impossible, but it doesn't mean I'm not capable, right?

I want to be more confident in my blogging, my work, the fact I could actually be a really good personal trainer, coach and influencer, that one day I will write a book, I will have my own healthy food Deli. I want to give Wrestling another shot and actually bloody believe I can do it. I know I can.

I'm may be little, but I got this shit.

And trust me... When Holli puts her mind to something, there is no going back. She'll do it. 

Watch me. 

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