Happiness Comes When You Stop Chasing It.


Happy Bank Holiday Chickpeas! I hope you are having a fabulous 3 day weekend wherever you are and whatever you may be doing.

 Sadly for me I've got a nasty flare up in my sciatica and gone and done my bloody back in!!! Which ain't that fun. However it's given me time for a lot of self love and care back in the old system. Long overdue. But also given me chance to have a little sit down and write!

I firstly want to thank you all for the amaaaazing response on my last blog post which if you haven't seen you can go check it here! Where I talked all about my Tattoo's and their meanings. To my bloody surprise you all flipping loved! Meaning I will 100% be bringing you a few more lifestyle/about my posts.

Anyway today I want to share a quote with you.

We all have this idea in our heads of what happiness is and most the time the place we are currently at isn't the place we believe to be happy. Right?

We have these huge expectations or views in what will make us happy. For example...

"I'll be happy when I get the promotion"

 "I'll be happy when I lose 5lbs"

 "I'll be happy when I live in Australia"

 "I'll be happy when I find love"

These thoughts are continuously causing us to think into the future rather than now. We aren't happy now, BUT when I have this, this and this. I  will  be. We are continuously chasing happiness.

We then reach the point of things not really being what we expected. You may get the promotion but then there is always going to be another you'll chase. You may lose the 5lb but may still not be satisfied and think "oh I'll be happy with another 5lb". You may move all over the country to find there is somewhere else you want to visit or you miss home. You may find the person of your dreams for them to let you down and you're left wondering why you were so stupid... " Oh I'll be happy when the next person comes along"

And so on. You get my point. You cannot chase happiness because you are never going to be satisfied. Happiness isn't something you suddenly find, it's something you choose. You can choose to be happy in any given moment. You can choose to be content.

We don't find happiness in relationships or possessions, it isn't something we suddenly 'achieve'. these things only bring us joy for a certain amount of time. We'll always be chasing some sort of goal. But I feel like finding a content state right now, is something completely different.

Choosing to be content in this moment means you're never chasing more, it's only a added bonus, if you like. I'm not saying it's easy to suddenly try to be content in this moment with every given situation thrown at us. I am no saint. I've tried to chase happiness all my life. But I want to try and change it and I feel it's something we can practice.

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