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RIGHT THAT'S IT. It's true. The past few months the motivation I usually have has gone straight down the bloody drain, for sure. I've felt unhealthy and felt my fitness levels go down leaving me feeling rather sh*t. I love being able to whack out a set of push ups or kettle bell swings leaving me feeling strong AF instead feeling like I'm on my death bed. 

It's fair to say I've not always exercised for the 'feel factor' but 100% aesthetics. I began wanting to loose weight, loose fat and 'tone up'. I then moved onto changing the way my body looked, gaining muscle, wanting the six pack, washboard abs and perky, popping glutes. Through all of this I solemnly focused on how I looked and changing the way I looked. I was extremely obsessed and it wasn't the best. 

I'm no where near saying it's a bad thing to want to look good, I truly believe is brilliant to have pride in yourself and wanting to better yourself HOWEVER there is so so so much more to fitness than just 'looks'. 

It's taken me years to realise this because when I first began training, all I valued exercise for was to change my body and to gain or loose weight. I took no notice of how I felt, what I enjoyed, how my body felt and how it moved. It's important to know the way you value exercise and the things you say to yourself truly matter when it comes to having a enjoyable and healthy journey. 

Since my days of training for just looks, I've learned a lot about myself and my body. MY view on everything has changed and I truly think about the way exercise makes me feel and how.  

How does this benefit my mind? How does this make my body feel? How does my body feel if I do this a little bit slower or take a pause? Am I truly focusing on my breathing? How easy do I find this? How do I get the best of this workout? Is this challenging me enough? Do I feel STRONG?

Because personally I love feeling challenged, I love enjoying what I do and I absolutely LOVE feeling bloody, god damn strong! 

Once I discovered what feeling strong and powerful feels like, I felt like I'd had a light bulb moment. Realising you ARE so much more than your body and what it looks like! For example my legs, god for so bloody long all I've wanted to do is change them, too big? I want smaller, too small? I want more muscle. It NEVER ends. Truth is. My legs are my legs, they're strong and powerful! And who gives a damn if my thighs touch? My legs are MY legs and they're god damn sexy, amazing things.
They allow me to do so damn much and it's time I began to appreciate that.

To feel fit, healthy and feeling like you could take on the world is something I'd much rather focus on than continuously worrying about the amount of body fat on stomach, number on the scale or the size of my legs. It's true! Try it! How does exercise make you feel? Do you feel healthy? Strong? Changes to our bodies and looks are simply added bonuses (which does boost our confidence) however if that is ALL you are focusing on then you're setting yourself up for a very miserable relationship with movement and exercise.

Focus on the feeling, don't be too hard on yourself and the rest will follow.

This week I've been focusing on doing things I LOVE again. And focusing on HOW it makes me feel. Focusing on how I move, the way I move and really enjoying it. I've been loving weights, challenging my body weight and of course jumping around with crazy burpees.
(I love them, don't judge me) 

 I'm happier to be feeling stronger again which is the best feeling in the world. It's great being a strong, ass woman who can carry lots of her own shopping bags. Right? Obviously. I'm excited to keep pushing on and feeling stronger than I ever have! 

What makes you feel strong?

Holli x

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