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Seen as this week is national self care week I am going to be doing a little series of blog posts featuring various aspects of self care. I feel like self care is a aspect in our lives we can all grow on, with our physical health, mental health lifestyle, keeping fit and healthy while keeping a happy balance. Seen as this years theme is 'Embracing Self Care for life' I feel like this fits me and my mantra's perfectly.

I thought i'd kick it off with I think one of the biggest factors for us all. Stress! Stress affects us and our lives so much more than we actually think. It has a huge play in out mental and physical health, the way we act with other and go about our daily lives and tasks. I know stress affects me probably more than a lot of things. For example my digestion, half of the time I'm not bloated or digesting things properly because of food but more than likely because I am stressed about something. Yup.

Although stress is a natural reaction to many of life's experiences which can be beneficial in some cases however if your stress hormones and response doesn't stop and is continuous it ain't gonna be so beneficial. It can lead to various things such as fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, weight gains, head aches, low immunity, lack of sexual drive, affect women's menstrual cycles and cause digestive issues.

As a big sufferer of stress I thought I would share with you my 3 best ways to de-stress my body and mind. Hopefully some of these help you too!


 You'd be surprised how much taking a stand still just to focus on your breathing helps reduce your stress levels. It's something that kind of bring you back to the now (like I talked about in my last mindfulness post) Studies have shown that breathing deeply, allowing the mind and body to slow down, can actually activate your relaxation responses. Whenever you are beginning to feel a sense of stress or before you start you day take 1 to 2 minutes to close your eyes, sit still and take deep breaths. Breathe in slowly through your nose, feel your belly rise, hold for a second before gently exhaling out through your mouth. Let all the stress go and come back to calm.


Getting out and going for a walk is honestly one of my best remedies when I am stressed. As I work at my laptop a lot and find myself stressing over many to do lists and what I have to do and not yet done. I gt so consumed in it all that my brain frazzles and doesn't actually work that well at all. Also when i am stressed or have a bad tummy (which also ups my stress levels) I actually want lighter movement which is known to reduce stress within the body. I love taking a walk on my own with my thoughts or listening to a podcast for 30 - 60 minutes, it clears my mind and brings a sense of calm sometimes a lot more than hitting heavy weights at the gym. Try dedicating even just 15 minutes to a walk outside, get some fresh are and move your body. It's sometimes good after lunch, mid-afternoon or after a stressful day at work. See how you feel, I can assure it'll be 10x better.

Take a Social Media break

A lot of people nowadays have their jobs based around social media and if not our jobs we are all so fixated to scrolling Instagram, Twitter or Facebook daily. I know you do. I know myself with my blog and Happily Holli, I spend a whole great amount of time on Social Media which don't get me wrong I love! But sometimes it can become very overwhelming and stressful. We can sometimes fall out of love with the online world as we become so disconnected from the real. Whenever I am feeling stressed I know that scrolling and viewing other people lives and business isn't actually going to benefit me at all. Try taking a break off the online world for a while, whether it be doing something else you enjoy, spending time with family, baking, going to the gym etc. It could be for a hour, a day or even a week. Just go for it and see how you feel.

How do you like to de-stress? Be sure to let me know! And remember to keep using the tag '#Selfcareweek'

Holli x

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