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Evening lil chickpeas! How's your week going? I hope you've been giving yourself some extra self care whether it be hitting the gym, taking a long walk, reading your favourite book, take a long soak in the bath, getting enough sleep, making a delicious and healthy breakfast. I mean we gotta nourish to flourish, right? 

On that note today's little self care topic is all about the ways in which we can use food and healthy eating nourish our bodies. Healthy eating means so many different things to many different people. In fact so many people over complicate it into something it doesn't have to be. What happened to good, natural, pure food. No crazy super foods. No processed, packaged god knows what. No crazy fad detoxes. 

 Just simply real food. 

One thing I've love learning about food and nutrition is the amazing benefits certain foods can give to your body and mind. The nutrients you can place in yourself giving your bodily functions their best opportunity to thrive, leading to a better health, quality and longer life. I think it's honestly great how we can change our whole entire well being through the power of what we place in our bodies.

To look at things straight forward - food is fuel. Although it can pleasure us and our taste buds, in reality it's there to allow our bodies to function and work to their best potential. So the ways in which we choose to care for ourselves with what we place in our bodies is important. I wanted to give you some of my favourite food which nourish my body and mind leaving me feeling amaazinggg!

For energy - Spinach! Spinach is packed which Iron which is a contributor to keeping your energy levels high. Iron is responsible for creating red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body. Spinach is also high in Folate helping reduce fatigue and irritability! Try adding spinach into your salads, wilt into stews/curries/chilli's or blend into smoothies!

For the skin & hair - Walnuts! Especially if you are vegan/vegetarian, walnuts are a brilliant source of healthy fats and Omega 3's! Omega 3's strengthen the membranes in your skin cells, locking in moisture and nutrients, keeping it clear and glowing. The healthy fats will also help reduce skin inflammation meaning fewer spot breakouts and help in keeping your hair strong and shiny. Try dding walnuts into your trail mix, crumble on top of soup of a smoothie or they are a great addition to homemade banana bread!

For mood - Dark chocolate! Dark chocolate is known to boost your bodies endorphin's, meaning better moods! It;s been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety while improving feelings of calmness. This is mainly down to the fact it's high in flavanols which play a role in the mood enhancing effects. Just remember to not over do it, as chocolate is obviously still high in sugars, 1 - 2 squares is enough to see the benefits. Try a few squares as a snack, added to porridge or even my after dinner mint cacao truffles! 

For immunity - Turmeric! Turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatory spices to add into your diet known to help with immunity. It contains high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help fight various diseases, viruses and protection against cancer. Try adding turmeric to your stews/soups, morning porridge, curries or try making a turmeric late with plant based milk, cinnamon, black pepper (which helps the absorption) and a little sweetener.

For stress hormones - Pumpkin seeds! Are high in Zinc and rich in natural phytoestrongens which help increase balanced hormones, increasing fertility, regulating periods along with helping women with menopausal symptoms. Try adding pumpkin seeds to your salads, yogurt or blended into your smoothies!

Let me know your favourite nourishing foods! And remember to us the tag #selfcareweek!

Holli x

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