Is there any better feeling than feeling strong? Than feeling powerful? Like you could take on the world. That was always my one goal when becoming a trainer, when I blog, when I write my book, when I try to inspire people. I wanted to empower other women and men in the journey of strength, confidence and self love. The chance to become a warrior. Inside and out. 

I wanted to create a team of warriors which feel good within themselves. Which flaunt confidence whatever shape or size, male or female, young or old. A community which unites all kinds of people coming together to kick ass, train hard and feel god damn good.

I remember when I fell in love with fitness and knew I wanted to make it my job and livelihood. I wouldn't have it any other way. Training makes me feel amazing and alive. It keeps me sane, it keeps me fit and healthy while keeping me the biggest ball of energy alive. I love everything from weight lifting to circuits to HIIT to cardio to boxing and of course yoga! Just moving my body makes me a happier person. I want to give them good vibes and motivation to the people around me! 

However it's about realising not one shoe fits all!!! I try to preach this as much as I possibly can. Not everybody is going to like or want to train the same way. It's about finding what works for YOU and the way YOU love to move. Some people strive off yoga and lower intensity, some people love lifting heavy ass weights and some people love running for miles! All of that is OKAY.You gotta find what lights that fire within you!

The same goes for nutrition, stop worrying about what you shouldn't eat and focus on what you can start eating! I come across too many people who are either under eating or there body has no slightest clue what a micronutrient is. TEAM WARRIOR is not about deprivation but more about cramming all the goodness in. The stuff that makes you feel alive and the best version of you. The food that allows you to get in a kick ass workout and feel like the ULTIMATE warrior after. YAS! Don't think because Lucy eats x fats, y protein and z carbs means you'll be exactly the same or because John eats meat and you don't you are in the wrong. We all have different, wonderful, beautiful bodies and I think we should give them the time and respect to figure out what works for us. I've been through all kind of diets and trial and error. Vegan, veggie, meat eating, high protein, high carb, low carb, low fat, typical bodybuilding etc. All of which have allowed me to begin to discover what actually works for me and what doesn't. I know some people who fuel better off high fats and some better off carbs. It's all OKAY. Like I said it's about YOU, and what makes you the BEST version of you. No one else. 

Confidence. Another HUGE aspect of TEAM WARRIOR. I ask people 'do you want the body? OR do you want to confidence that comes with it?' It's 99% of the time confidence. Confidence doesn't come with a specific body type but more from within and you choosing it. Being confident in who your are, the choices you make, every time you walk into a gym, with the workouts you do and believing in yourself! We attract what we think!

Mind set comes into all of this, and I want to try and help as many people as I possibly can, to change their mindsets towards themselves, health & fitness. Like with the confidence, a positive mindset can improve the way you feel, think, act, and perform. Making you the ultimate bad ass in the gym because you believe you CAN. If you have already convinced yourself that you can't you more than likely wont, leading to large knock in confidence. Whereas if you know and believe you can and still make a mistake well the mind set changes slightly and you realise you can actually grow and learn from it. No one is perfect and I know when I realised this, I succeeded a lot more!

So with the mixture of commitment, consistency, dedication, bad ass training and delicious, nutritious food. I can assure you'll blossom into a bad ass warrior. Don't we all want to feel like that?!

I'm excited to see what more TEAM WARRIOR transforms into! I have so many ideas coming up, especially for those of you along social media who maybe live to far to come and train with me! (Training guide in planning! Hint...Hint)

I love you all big time,

Holli x

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