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I've always been highly motivated when it comes to health, fitness and exercise. I've been in in love with fitness for years but I have a confession... recently not so much. I've just completely lost my passion for training to the point I haven't really been training at all and my nutrition is all over the place! What the hell has happened?

Life. To be simple and to the point. With moving, uni, alcohol, out of normal routine, etc. I mean the gym and being on top of good nutrition just hasn't been top of my life. I think just recently I'm starting to now miss routine and feeling fit and healthy!

I've actually also been in a massive rut with my blog and social media. As I mainly post health and fitness related content I feel like I have just been incredibly uninspired and like I was letting people down.

So with wanting to get back into some level of fitness, feel like my best self again and bring some killer content. I have decided to start a little series called 'FEELGOODFEELYOU' where I am going to bring you on the journey! I am going to be showing you my workouts, food, tips and tricks, meaning if you are also in a rut, wanting to get backing into fitness or just needing a boost of motivation than you can be inspired and join along too!

So how am I starting and what am I doing?

Firstly I am not putting too much pressure on myself or beating myself up for not being the fittest, strongest or healthiest I have ever been. More so I am actually treating myself like a bit of a beginner being kind on my body and mind.

I'm not going to rush it. I'm going to take each day as it comes and enjoy the process. In the past I've been so strict with myself and wanted results straight away, only then not enjoying the process.

I'm not going to have a specific routine yet aim for 2/3 resistance/weight workouts a week, with yoga in between and I walk everywhere so even on the days I don't weight train I am continuously active.

In my weight sessions I am not going to be lifting as heavy as I was but starting light and manageable and slowly working my way up. I can remember this time last year how intensely I was actually training and my god if I went back to that straight away, I'd quite frankly die. I'm not going to head to the gym with some crazy ass workouts, instead go straight back to basics!

Listening to my body! I think one thing that taking a big break off of training has taught me, that I really do need to listen to my body. If I don't truly feel I have the energy to lift weights on a day I have set, I'll respect my body and go for a walk or do some gentle yoga instead or I might simply feel like curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. Like it isn't the end of the world!

Sleep with training and feeling good, sleep plays a big role! That is most certainly something I have not getting a good amount of. I'm going to try and make sure I am prioritising a good amount of sleep, so I can wake up feeling refreshed and motivated to get moving!

Meditation and gratitude are the two things which really help me in being a positive person. I often get asked 'how are you so positive?' and my response is always the same. Then I get the eye roll and the person never usually goes away to try. Trust me these two things DO work. The past few weeks I haven't been meditating or writing gratitude near way as much and I have noticed a difference. So, it is certainly time to bring them back.

Food and nutrition is another big factor, I feel need to make sure I am getting enough good quality nutrition to properly fuel my body. Recently my diets been all over the place either not eating enough or completely over eating and drinking. I'm not going super strict at all, I could never ever go back to that! Instead I'm just going to make sure I get 3 good quality, nutritious meals to ensure I am fuelling my workouts but not stress about a few drinks and piece of cake when I want it.

Lastly, water, ahhhhhh. I have not been getting near enough water than I usually do and I have noticed the difference! So I am going to make a conscious effort to be getting 2 to 3 L of water a day but again still not forcing it down.

One thing I have learned in the past month is that we shouldn't be 'forcing' our bodies to do anything in terms or food, water, exercise and so on. Our bodies usually know the way.

I hope this gave you a little insight into what I am going to be doing the next few months, as it is my 21st in December AHHHH. So yannooo I wanna be feeling my best before then! Lets get feeling best selves!

Remember if you use any recipes, do any workouts or want to share your own journey and feelings... use the hashtag #FEELGOODFEELYOU on twitter or Instagram!

Instagram - Happilyholli
Twitter - Hollijessi

Lots of love,

Holli Jessi x

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