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Hello lovelies, Holli here a foodie, fitness, yogi, blogger and trainer. With an enthusiasm to life and a passion for health & fitness, I'm here to share with you a little journey you'll hopefully enjoy.

I've found the biggest love and passion for health and fitness over the year which I hope I can show you! Bringing to you all things, healthy fitness and foodie! I spend my time creating Vegan, gluten free, nourishing, feel good recipes (including many over indulgent desserts!), all kinds of mix it up workouts, tips & tricks and lots of love.

I want to show to you all that being healthy should be something you enjoy. I want to help you see the power for feeling strong, that exercise and movement is something to cherish and can have such a positive affect on our minds and lives! 

Lets make a team of WARRIORS!

Feel free to E-mail me for any enquiries or questions: Hollie@happilyholli.co.uk

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