You Are Not Alone

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

This part of my blog is for any of you who may be feeling alone. Those of you who may be struggling. Those of you who need a friend. It's a safe place. 

I want to give anyone who may need it a outlet where they shouldn't feel ashamed or judged. A place where they can let off and let go of anything they may need to. A place of confidence and self love. Although my blog promotes that continuously. I wanted to give you something else which you could strive and grow from. 

There is a series of you are not alone blog posts featuring various topics regarding mental health, eating disorders, recovery, confidence, self love, and body image. Just search 'you are not alone' in the search engine.  

Below is the you are not alone email. If you want to use or contact me as a outlet or a need of support. Feel free to message me.

Holli x

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