Monday, 8 February 2016

A Evening With Deliciously Ella

Last Tuesday may have been one of the best, most exciting nights I've had in a long time. I met one of my biggest inspirations Ella Woodward aka Deliciously Ella. I had the most wonderful, ,magical evening, listening to Ella's interview & book signing to celebrate her second recipe book 'Deliciously Ella Everyday'. Ella is one of the loveliest women I've ever met, it was a complete privilege to finally meet her. I just couldn't wait to share it with you.

I cannot express how excited I was on the way & when arriving at the lovely Lowery Theater in Manchester, I was literally bursting with excitement. I was even more excited by the fact me and mumma got there a little early so of course got seats right at the front!

The night began with an interview with Ella in which she discussed healthy eating, her second book, her favorite recipes, her illnesses, her deli & a lot of self love. I absolutely adored how down to earth and loving she is and if it were possible she inspired me 100 times more. It was so nice to listen to how she had overcome her own battles with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome & how she continues to fight them everyday. 
Ella's philosophy on healthy eating, living life, balance and loving food & yourself is something so spectacular you can't help but love it yourself. It's not about deprivation, restricting or hating what you eat, it's about loving the food you put in your body and using it for a better and positive life.

After the interview it was handed over to the audience to ask any questions. There were some brilliant questions asked such as how Ella keeps motivated, her deli getting bigger & how to feed your 'not so healthy' boyfriend. It was so refreshing to be in a room surrounded by such a variety of people, male, female, young, old yet all of us were inspired & interested in the same thing. 

We were then led onto getting our books signed & meeting Ella herself. I religiously told myself I wasn't going to get emotional but obviously I was trying to hold back the tears. It was true my emotions were all over the place, I was full with happiness & pride. I've loved Ella & her recpies for such a long time now, so much she's actually saved my life. She's allowed me to find a love in food rather than a dread. So for an awfully long time I've been wanting to meet her and thank her personally for inspiring me everyday & helping me overcome many daily battles. It's a moment I'm going to cherish forever.

I was extremely excited about was getting to finally look in the second book. I've been waiting what seems forever and I'm so happy to finally be able to try out some of the yummy recipes inside, and I have to tell you it's full to brim with recipes you'll lust over! As much as I love the first book, there is something so beautiful about the second. The layout, the images, the ideas, the colors, the words & the recipes all seem to fit together perfectly. I also love the idea behind the second book the way it focuses on easy, every day eating establishing how healthy eating doesn't have to be hard, boring & scary. It's full of yummy breakfasts, eating on the go, delicious quick weeknight dinner, big batch hearty meals & some cheeky sweet treats. If you're a busy person looking for some inspiration then this book is must! It has no complicated equipment or ingredients, only supplying us with food and recipes we know and love. 

 I've been loving a few
of the recipes already such as the spicy lentil soup, kale & cannellini stew, tumeric and chickpea curry (highly recommend!!!), the best parsnip fries (ever) & the gingerbread! And I cannot wait to try out so any more, I especially have my eye on the veggie paella & chocolate ganache cake which Ella seems to adore so I'm sure I will too ;-)

I truly do thank Ella from the bottom of my heart for supplying me with so much inspiration, motivation and hope. She has reminded me how important it is to love yourself and more importantly given me a love for food I've never had. In the past few months she truly has helped save my life and I'll forever be grateful.

Speak soon,

Holli xxx