Thursday, 14 April 2016

Saving Beauty #ScrapThePuppyTrade


Last weekend it's safe to say our lives changed overnight when we saved and gave a loving home to our newest addition - Beauty the Cocker Spaniel.

 The little one hadn't had the best start in life. We were sadly scammed by a con man who convinced us she was from a family home. We later discovered she had come from a puppy farm where she was very badly treated leaving her in a terrible condition... a nervous pup, covered in fleas, dirty, wet, extreme diarrhea & un vaccinated. Despite this all I couldn't be happy we've had the chance to save her.

I wanted to share our story with you in hope to raise awareness of the dangers & cruelty of puppy farms and what to be aware of...

We originally found the advert for Beauty on a re homing for Cocker Spaniels website. This meant there was no reason in which we would believe the ad not to be genuine. It was displayed with a beautiful picture of the pup, her age, vaccinations  & a believable description claiming she was part of a family home who'd found they hadn't got enough time to care for her. It said she was vaccinated, healthy, friendly and needed a family who had enough time, space and love. Obviously we were the perfect family... and target for the con man. 

What happened next all happened so fast.. after ringing and showing our sudden interest interest he was happy enough for us to come and pick her up! Now obviously we were all crazy excited! However he told us we had to wait a few hours while he got his children out of the house as they were too upset to watch her go. Okay believable. Things then got a little strange when he rang us back and told us he'd bring Beauty to us, something you should never agree to! We were that excited and in the moment we didn't even think to see this as abnormal, meaning we agreed to it.

Within minutes he was at our house bringing the pup to the door however he popped her down and refused to come in, making out as if he were upset. He didn't want to check our house, the space, who we were, confirm us having her, nothing! He gave us no information on her diet, vaccinations, lifestyle etc. He only placed her on the floor, told us she needed a bath, took his money and left. She came through the door wet, dirty & wary yet it wasn't long before she was happily running around with Charlie, our Jackabee. We took her to get a new collar, lead, bed and toys & she was a little quiet for a 6 month old puppy however she seemed content.
 We did think the situation was a little strange however we were in that much of a daze nothing quite clicked until later on that night. We started putting the pieces together.

That evening something even stranger happened, the advert which was used for Beauty was now being used for a completely different dog. It was the same location, age, wording, information yet the picture was now a black and white Cocker Spaniel pup. A few days passed and we noticed that the price of dog now being advertised was slowly being reduced, only meaning they were desperate to get rid of it. It was now clear this man was lying about who and where he was, we did a little research and it was obvious he had lots more pups which indicated he was part of a puppy farm.  After reading and watching videos on puppy farming and trading it broke our hearts in knowing what Beauty had been through.

So, I want to introduce to you to the campaign #ScrapThePuppyTrade, a campaign ran by the RSPCA in order to try and reduce the huge amount of unregulated puppy trading we're facing. All of these puppies are having the worst start in life, cruelly kept and their mothers are used as breeding machines. They're being sold and treated as if they were scrap metal.The dealers involved are simply out to do this for their own benefit - to make profit. By signing the campaign, you'll help in attempts to strike puppy trading as a whole, from illegal trafficking to backstreet breeding. We want their to be a licensing for anyone selling puppies and a strong fine for anyone caught selling them without a license.  If you want to find out more information about the campaign and help support, please follow this link and together we might be able to put an end to this terrible money making torture.

Luckily we've saved Beauty and given her a loving home. We've got rid of the flees, groomed her and her stomach has settled. After having her just over a week she's gone from a quiet little pup, to the most loving, cheeky madam (who loves to chew!, haha) Everyday now has a new excitement. She's perfectly healthy, plays, eats well and loves a good cuddle. She melts my heart more and more each day. Being the perfect little companion and I cannot imagine my life without her. She has brought so much light into mine and my families lives and as weird as it may sound, shes like my lucky charm.