Friday, 17 June 2016

Bol Food Salad Jars - #SHAKEITTOMAKEIT

Quick, nutritious, fresh, delicious and filling? #SHAKEITTOMAKEIT ...

Recently the lovely people from Bol Foods sent me some of their amazing new salad jars to try. If you've not heard of Bol Foods, they're originally are known for selling their 'quick cook' pots which are all made with wholesome, natural ingredients varying from vegan, to vegetarian to meat eaters. I've been loving these handy little pots you can simply pop into the microwave when you're in a rush or the cupboards are bear however Bol have hit the jack pot with their new salad jars!

I absolutely love them! They're all full of fresh, nutritious ingredients and packed with flavor, balanced with all macro nutrients, vegetarian and vegan. I also love the concept of getting a little fork and pot of dressing so you're able to pour it over, shake your jar and you're good to go!  

The Californian 

Chargrilled Broccoli, cooked quinoa, black beans, cannellini beans, tomatoes, kale and pumpkin seeds with a soy & white miso dressing.

This one was one of my favorites out of the four! The combination of ingredients worked perfectly well together and certainly pleased my taste buds. Give me any salad with quinoa and kale and I'm a  happy bunny but the ingredient that really makes this salad is 100% the chargrilled broccoli! It was incredibly filling and satisfying which is exactly what you want from a lunchtime salad!

The Japanese

Cooked black rice, raw slaw, edamame beans,black beans, tenderstem broccoli, with a soy, white miso & ginger dressing. 

I'm huge fan of edamame beans so this salad certainly pleased my inner Japanese. The black rice and raw slaw were lovely and again along with the delicious broccoli the textures and flavors came together really well! I also loved how well the dressing went with this salad however it didn't seem to fill me up as much as the rest (I was incredibly hungry this day, haha) but even still it was super yummy!

The Persian 

Cauliflower, beluga lentils, chickpeas and spinach with a pomegranate and sumac dressing.

The dressing in the Persian salad is one of the most delicious dressings I've ever had and the most amazing colour! It covered all of the salad and made it incredibly flavorsome. It was light but was the perfect fresh and filling lunch, making me feel full of energy! The dressing along with the added pomegranate seeds was a pleasant addition to a salad. The only down side to this one was the cauliflower was a little lacking in flavor which did disappoint me slightly but then again I'm not the biggest cauliflower fan haha! But other than that it absolutely delicious!

The Mediterranean 

Chickpeas, carrot, courgette, butternut squash, and feta, with a sun-dried tomato dressing.

This was my ultimate favorite out of all the Bol Salad Jars and I will be 100% be purchasing it in the future. I think Bol new all of my favorite ingredients here and thrown them into one! And as sad as it may sound I was incredibly happy while eating it. Everything worked so so well together, the crunchy butternut squash with the creamy feta along with the sun-dried tomato dressing created the most amazing flavors and textures. It's deffo a winner and I 100% recommend to all you Greek goddesses!