Saturday, 13 August 2016


Welcome to a new little feature on my blog called 'Work It' where I'm bringing to you regular workouts from strength, cardio, HIIT, 10 minute blasters, you name it! Perfect for any of you finding yourself  a little lost in the gym, needing some inspiration for your next workout or want to mix things up a tad. Most of these workouts I've also done...So I know they're tough! Haha. You can save these workouts to your phone and use them whenever you fancy, so no excuses! 

To kick it off the first workout is a total body HIIT!...

 HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and it's a style of training I absolutely love! Whether they're 10 minutes, 30 minutes or a full hour, add weights or just use my body weight, they're a fab way to structure a workout. You can customise them to whatever body part you need to hit or whatever you're focusing on.  Rather than counting reps you perform each exercise in a circuit for a certain amount of time followed by a certain amount of rest. Then you can switch around your intensity making it it suiting to your capability and fitness levels!

This one is for you lot who love to give you body a complete, sweaty blast. I've used various equipment you can find in your gym such as battle ropes, slam balls and kettle bells. The workout contains 7 exercises put into one big circuit and is performed back to back with little rest, guaranteed to get your hearts racing.  Plus it's fab for anyone who hates long workouts or short on time. It only takes just over half an hour! What could be better?!