Saturday, 10 September 2016

WORK IT - Anywhere Sweaty Cardio Pyramid

It's Saturday which can only mean one thing, it's workout time again! This week I'm back with another Pyramid but this time it's all about that sweaty, cardio blitz. 

After the Ab Blasting Pyramid turning out so well, I thought I'd put together a similar style workout however in the way of mixing up your cardio and increasing that heart rate. I love to mix my cardio up and little workouts like this one do the trick. This ones for those of you who can't stand hours on the cardio machines, need to mix up your routines or want a cheeky fat burn addition after or during any workout.  

What's better? You need no equipment, meaning it can be done absolutely anywhere, the gym, the park, your living room or wherever you fancy! Meaning... there are NO excuses! This routine is so simple to follow and although it may sound easy... I can assure you, it's not. It's amazing how many people underestimate the power of your body weight. Sometimes the simplest of exercises combined is all you need to feel the burn, get up a sweat and get them muscles pumping. 

This pyramid is great for anyone need a quick cardio hit. looking to burn fat, get fitter or throw it on the end of a weights session for a great finisher! It'll help burn fat and increase your cardiovascular endurance!