Saturday, 24 September 2016

WORK IT - Booty Building & Hamstring Popping Workout

Are you ready for the ultimate booty growing and hamstring workout this weekend? Well you best be... because I have it right here for you.

I have to admit training glutes and hamstrings has to be one of my favourite workouts. I love training them separately to quads and glutes as I can completely isolate and focus on each muscle. 

I thought I'd share with you a killer booty and hammie workout that certainly has me sore for days. It'll help build, strengthen and scuplt your booty and and hamstrings to get that rocking lower body you're striving for! A good curve, well - developed hamstring adds massively to your profile along with strong, toned peachy glutes. Yes please! 

Through this workout I've used a lot of super sets & drop sets which push your body and muscles that little bit further. Begin with your glute activation, which is incredibly important for waking up the glute muscles. This will help avoid injury, allow you to lift heavier, engage your glutes during your workout and really sculpt your backside. When you move onto the compound exercises such as sumo deadlifts, hamstring curls and sumo squats don't be scared to go heavy!!! Lower reps indicate you should go as heavy as you can for that many reps and no more. Unlike the myth 'lifting heavy will make you bulky' you will actually find yourself getting stronger, building lean muscle, burning more fat and sculpting your body the way you're hoping for. My favourite thing about lifting heavy is actually the empowering feeling it gives you... so if you're a lady that's been shying away from the weights, that changes now! 

On the other hand, men don't shy away from this workout. If you're a male and wanting to give this workout a go... I dare you, it's far from easy and trust me we all love a good ass! 

When you move on towards the end of the workout I've added some single leg back extensions, these are brilliant for really isolating the hamstrings as well as targeting your glutes. To do these correctly ensure the pad on the back extension is set below your hip/pelvis  u lower push your glutes back, pull up and squeeze just like you would a kettle bell swing. Pushing your hips into the pad and squeezing your glutes hard will ensure you're not using your lower back. Make sure you're only using your hamstring and glute muscles by not hyper extending your lower back too far. I've supersetted this with your traditional two legged back extensions for a fully booty burn!

You may also notice the little booty finisher,believe me when I say this burns like HELL!!! I've been adding this little devil to the end of every booty workout, which 100% leaves me hobbling out of the gym. It may sound a little crazy but all you need is a resistance band and our body weight.
Perform 20 reps of resistance band glute bridges. Lie back on the floor with the band around your thighs just above the knees. Place your feet shoulder width apart. While pushing your heels into the floor, squeeze your glutes and push your heels towards the ceiling until your knees, hips and shoulders are aligned. Squeeze your glutes at the top, lower and repeat. To do the next exercise, on your 20th glute bridge pause and hold at the top. Move your knees outwards in tiny pulses against the band and repeat 50 times. Lower your hips and repeat 2 more times with NO rest.
And trust me... the booty will be on FIRE!