Saturday, 3 September 2016

WORK IT - Boulder Shoulder Smasher

Wanting to give your shoulders a complete blast? Well this weeks workout is just for you with my boulder shoulder smasher workout. 

Before I started to properly get into fitness and weight training, I'll admit I under estimated how nice a toned upper body actually is, especially the shoulders. To be honest sometimes I actually want nice bold, toned shoulders more than I do abs or glutes. It's actually amazing the way through having big bold shoulders you can build and create more of an aesthetic figure. Along with full developed lats and glutes you can get the illusion of a small waistline and that v-tapered head turning physique.
  Plus I absolutely love training my shoulders with the amazing burn and pump you get. 

When it comes to training shoulders I like to perform heavy lifts along with plenty of drop sets, super sets and isolation exercises in order to fully burn out my shoulders. I love to involve plenty of variety and exercises that target all 3 parts of the deltiods.

So if you're looking to build up them shoulders and take your shoulder workout to a next level try this workout! Don't fear going heavy with your weight either, make sure you go the heaviest you can for the allotted reps!