Saturday, 26 November 2016

WORK IT - The Blasting 3!

It's baccckkkkkk! Yes, after a huge request, I am back with another WORK IT workout. I'm actually happily surprised with the amount of people who have used and love these workouts, there has been a fabby response. 

Annndd if you've been on the other side of the planet and not yet seen any of my WORK IT series, then basically what it is... I share a huge variety of workouts from 10 minutes to full weight sessions to at home blasts to one equipment workouts to ab pyramids and more! All these workouts are ones I've done myself and have absolutely loved! I pop this on a photo which you can easily save onto your phone and take with you anywhere, the park, the gym, your kitchen if ya fancy. 

Anyway, this weeks workout! UPPER BODY, yes I actually love to train upper body, I'm not going to lie. I can't be the only female who loves a good old 'shoulder pump' right? Haha. Toned shoulders a a well built up back is actually a extremely good feature for a woman to have (yep just as important as them glutes) It creates that 'hour glass' look with the illusion of a smaller waist! 

Not only that but upper body strength is massively important for so many things, it helps your flexibility, mobility and range of motion. Plus we all want to be able to carry loads and loads of shopping bags right? Who needs a man?

Be hey if you're a male looking for some upper body inspiration, I ain't stopping ya ;-) Get on it!

So here I am with the BLASTING 3! Oh yeah, a combination of back, shoulders and core because we all know I love to throw a bit of abs in there. It's packed with tri-sets which means you complete each exercise in the set back to back with very little rest, then you rest and repeat.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get movvvingg! Lets get some shoulder burning and wings growing!

BB= Barbell
DB= Dumbbell
DROPSET= Drop the weight and perform the reps