Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 Round Up - A Little Thank You...

Hey my lil chickpeas. I just wanted to check in before the New Year comes upon us. And no I'm not here to talk about 'getting back on track' or 'setting New Year goals', I think near enough everyone will write something along them lines. 

If I am quite honest I'd completely forgot it was New Years Even tomorrow... oppsies. Haha. I'm the person that actually likes doing nothing except cuddling up in a huge blanket with a film on to see the New Year. Don't judge me okay... Haha. You'd think I'd be more of the 'love the New Yea' type But nahhh.

 I wanted to keep this short and sweet, yet here I am rambling. Some things wont ever change, ey! Oh and I promise to try to make this a least soppy as possible..... We shall see. 

The actual point of this post was to thank you. Yes, you. You who has taken the time to read and support my blog. I'm so unbelievably grateful. I've looked over the past year and the amount of love and support I have received from so may of you. From my friends and family to people all over the world I've never spoke to yet have sent me the loveliest messages saying I've inspired them. 

I set up Happily Holli not really knowing where it would lead. But for me it's my pride and joy. It's my heart. Knowing I'm accomplishing what I always wanted to do is amazing! I always set out to inspire at least one person and to have so many of you coming to me to thank me. It makes me want to squeeze you in a huge hug. 

I honestly wouldn't be doing what I am without all of your kindness and support. And if I'm honest you all inspire me. This year has already brought me so many wonderful opportunities which I am so so thankful for. 

So here is to another wonderful year of building Happily Holli and some more exciting things to come! I have many collaborations and hopefully, for all the people waiting, will be starting my career in Personal Training. I hope you stick a long for the journey. 

And to finish the year... I thought I'd share with you my main mantra I live by day in day out. And I really believe you should too. 

Lots of love and hugs,

Holli xx