Wednesday, 14 December 2016

3 Top Vegan Protein Powders!

Due to being incredibly active and being in the gym, we know protein in an essential in your diet for your muscles repair and recovery. I love to try and get all my protein from good quality food sources such as veg, beans, lentils, grains etc. So protein powder isn't actually necessary but it can be a great supplement for a healthy boost of protein and nutrients. One of the biggest questions I get asked by so many of you is 'do you use any protein supplements?' and 'what protein powder do you use?'

 Since having dairy intolerance and turning to a vegan diet I've been on a mission to find the best, good quality vegan protein powders. I love to use protein powders in many of my dishes and sweet treats such as smoothies, energy bars and balls, granola, oats, hot chocolates. We all know I love creating havoc in the kitchen!

Protein powders can have a bad rep due to added ingredients, sweeteners, sugars and nasties. So I wanted to try and search for the healthiest and most natural (as well as great tasting) ones I could! 

Here I've written a guide based on my favourite vegan protein powders, their benefits, nutritional value, tasting rating, what they're best used in!

Vivo Sport Perform 


25g raw plant protein, 6g BCAA and a complete amino acid profile
. Vivo life's protein is gluten free and contains an amazing blend of powerful ingredients in order to allow you to refuel, repair and replenish your muscles as well as nourishing your body!


- Yellow pea protein: this is a gently fermented protein, has a great amino acid profile and is easily digested.

- Superfood Protein Blend: A blend of hemp protein, Chlorella, Spirulina helping to recover your muscles and maximise energy.

- Plant BCAA: Sourced from organic fruits and vegetables using a panted fermentation process which are as pure as you can get to nourish your body

- Turmeric Extract: The super food to fight against infections and oxidative stress to help you get back to performing the best you possibly can

- Digestive Enzymes: To help and easier, faster more efficient absorption of protein

- Himalayan Pink Salt: packed with 82 different trace minerals to replenish electrolytes loss through sweat.

- Sweetened With Stevia: Sweetened with pure natural flavours which creates a delicious tasting shake without any nasty additives


£39.99 a tub which yes to some people may be a little bit too much for the budget however you know what you're receiving is amazing quality! You know what're you paying for is all good stuff, plus the guys at Vivo are so friendly and helpful. So I'd say it's a well worth investment.


I've been using this protein for months now and I am honestly in love with it! Firstly the taste, I mean that what we all care about right? Well, it's AMAZING! It tastes far better than most vegan protein powders I've come across. It doesn't have that same, earthy, gritty taste you usually get chocked with. It's smooth and easily enjoyed on it's own which is a bonus!  It's also the first protein that hasn't made me feel bloated and sick after a workout. I love using this protein in various things such as baking, oats, smoothies etc. It blends and mixes well along with all it's amazing nutritional benefits! It's honestly a winner!

Plus the guys from Vivolife are incredibly friendly, loving and supportive! I adore working with them! Huge huge shout out!


Oats, smoothies, baking, post workout, pancakes,  my chickpea protein blondie's, or cinnamon protein granola!

The Multitasker - MissFits Nutrition 


Bursting with 15g of lean pea protein, essential nutrients, naturally sweetened, gluten free, vegan and all under 80 calories! All the good stuff packed into a handy on to go sachet helping you replenish and repair your muscles the right way, exactly when you need it!


- Pea Protein Isolate: dairy free protein containing all essential amino acids to help your muscles recover yet reduces bloating caused by your typical whey

- Glutamine: Helping speed up your recovery time, minamize muscle breakdown and boosts protein metabolism

- Vitamin B12 & Green Tea Extract: This helps boost your metabolism, reduce tiredness and fatigue meaning you can train again efficiently

- Zinc & Bamboo Extract:  Helping your skin, hair & nails

- Digestive Enzymes, Probiotic, & Flax seed Powder: Helping good digestion, protein absorption and better gut health


£20 for 12 sachets which may be a little better price range for some of you, I think is brilliant for the amount you get inside of them! PLUS if you us my code 'Happilholli20' at the checkout you'll instantly receive 20% off your whole order! Bonus!


MissFits Protein is another I've been absolutely loving and has been a complete charm in my diet. They're so hand, cute and convenient little portioned sachets for when I'm on the go or need a quick and easy post workout. Due to all of their wonderful ingredients they've helped me out in terms of IBS troubles and also being Vegan, It's honestly like an angel sent from heaven. Not only that but they taste wonderful and mix really well! I mean coffee flavoured protein can you get any better???? The chocolate one is also great as a protein hot chocolate to bust them sweet cravings! I'd say it's the absolute perfect protein for women!


After the gym, smoothies, hot chocolates, oats, chia puddings which I have done 4 ways with each flavour over on MissFits wonderful blog, which you can find - HERE

My Protein - Vegan Blend 


22g of plant based protein with a full range of essential amino acids. A full blend of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Hemp Protein. It's great for anyone looking to increase their protein intake in and have a handy protein shake at hand free of dairy and soy!


- Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein & Hemp Protein: A power blend of plant based proteins to replenish and restore your muscles. All of which are easily digested and absorbed packing lots of nutrients into the body!

- BCAA's Leucine, Isoleuine & Valine: Helping your muscle recovery and metabolism while preventing protein and muscle breakdown.

DigeZyme®: Helping the breakdown of carbohydrates, cellulosic fibres, fats and proteins in order to promote better digestion. 


Unflavoured 1 KG: £17.99
Chocolate Smooth 1 KG: £19.19
This is the better protein if you're of a tight budget or don't want to spend loads on protein powders!


This was one of my first vegan proteins which I used also to help with my dairy intolerance before I went vegan. I've found as a shake on it's own it's enjoyable but doesn't mix the best whereas I always use it in a smoothie blended up in a big old smoothie which works just fine! Taste wise I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the chocolate smooth flavour is which again works great in a smoothie with banana and peanut butter!I also made pancakes with it which were delicious! The unflavoured isn't my favourite as I found I had to really disguise it unless being used in baking which works perfectly. But again this protein if you need something a little cheaper yet still packing in a good amount of plant based protein!


Smoothies, pancakes, energy balls, protein bars, yogurt!

Sooo, I hope this helped you guys in sussing out some different and new vegan protein powders. Even if you're not vegan give these a go! All of the recipes on my blog feature these 3 proteins, so be sure to give them a pop! They're great for anyone with a dairy/lactose intolerance, if whey makes you bloat or if you want a good quality protein to try!