Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cinnamon Bun Overnight Oats

Today's recipe is alll about my favourite meal. Breakfast. Kindly requested by my wonderful friend Em (who'll you see appear this Wednesday!)  I've decided to do a little overnight oats series with some crazy, bad ass flavours! I love overnight oats when you need something speedy. And I haven't had them for a long time... So I had to get a little creative. They're so versatile, fast and portable. Just mix everything together the night before and boom, you have a nutritious and delicious breakfast on the go, the grab before work or dig straight in from your sofa. N hassle involved!

Cinnamon. Cinnamon. Cinnamon. Anything cinnamon, oh man, I love cinnamon. When I made these 'Cinnamon Bun Overnight Oats' I kinda died and went to a cinnamon loving heaveen. I had to share it, just had to! 

If you love cinnamon. This recipe is for you. 

 I'm kinda a little bit too in love with this recipe. The most convenient and mouthwatering creation I've made for a while. I've tried various Overnight Oat combinations and recipes but I swear nothing has ever quite compared to this one. It's like a dreamy, cinnamon bun cake rolled into a healthy, oat breakfast. THE DREAM. 

 It's the perfect recipe when you need something quick but satisfying in the morning which I can assure will make your taste buds dance with joy. It tastes like dessert but incredibly good for you. They're thick and gooey just like a cakey mixture with the right amount of cinnamon floating through. Like why would you not want to try them? 

Serves 2 

1 cup of rolled oats (gluten free if needed)
1 cup of non - dairy milk 
2 to 3 tsp cinnamon 
1 to 2 tbsp agave nectar/maple syrup 
1 tbsp nut butter
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional) 

In a large bowl/jar combine all of the following ingredients and mix well until full combined. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Take out in the morning give a stir and top with whatever you fancy.

 I added some soy yogurt, banana slices, frozen raspberries, with an extra drizzle of nut butter of course!