Monday, 30 January 2017

Mocha Caramel Milkshake

Heyyyy my lil chickpeas. Well what a flipping weekend and a half that was! Yes! I have finally threw myself 10,000ft out of a plane and managed to survive! What can I say? It was the BEST GOD DAMN thing I have ever done. I cannot quite come to explain just how truly amazing the whole experience was. It was out of this world. And you know what I a bloody proud of myself! 

I will be writing up a full blog post around my skydive, how amazing everyone was at Black Knights Parachute Centre and to say thank you for everyone's love and support! But a quick thank you to everyone who has given a little bit towards the charity Beat. Again I'll go into full details about this soon!!! And with that flipping amazing adrenaline buzz I'm still holding onto, I thought I'd pop you treat this Monday...

I've taken this recipe from something I love and still do to this day... A big thick creamy ass milkshake. Oh yeah. As a kid I loved anything chocolate and a chocolate milkshake was something I would never refuse. So I thought I'd get whizzy with my blender and create something just as delicious and indulgent but without the dairy and the sugar. And that's when this 'Mocha Caramel Milkshake' was born. And oh man, it's complete bliss in a cup. 

If you remember waaayy back at Christmas when I worked with the guys from Beanie's Coffee to create some really exciting Christmas recipes such as my FAVOURITE Vegan Tiramisu and these super delicious Christmas Pudding Energy Balls. Weelllllll I've been lucky enough to be asked again to create some healthy, yet super yummy recipes for you again! When brain storming some ideas... Using Beanie's caramel coffee only seemed right in a smooth, creamy Milkshake. LITERALLY my FAVOURITE flavours all in one! Coffee. Caramel. Chocolate (from my added twist). Yes. Please. 

If you love coffee and chocolate this milkshake is for you! The blend of coffee, caramel and chocolate all come together to create the most satisfying sweet drink that will please anyone! The added frozen banana adds to the creaminess along with adding a hint of extra sweetness. Like I said BLISS. 

Not only that but due to the added coffee is a wonderful pick me up! I mean what can be more uplifting than coffee and chocolate? 3:00pm slump sorted! Or try the before a workout, you'll be full of energy and raring to go! Or if you're simply like me and have the worst sweet tooth in the world......  Either way, you're gonna love it! 

 1/2 cup Beanie's Caramel Coffee (you can sub for a normal instant coffee however wont get the caramel flavour)
 1/2 cup non - dairy milk 
 1 tbsp cacao/coco 
1/2 frozen banana 
 1 tsp agave nectar/maple syrup 
  Lots of ice 

Blend all of the following ingredients in a highly powered blender, serve in your Favorited glass with a extra sprinkle of cacao powder for good measure! Enjoy!