Saturday, 4 February 2017

WORK IT - Kettle Bell Countdown

Happy Saturday my lil chickpeas!!! It's been a while since I brought you a good old WORK IT workout, so here I am to give you a little weekend inspiration with a Kettle Bell Countdown smash of a workout!! 

Kettle bells have many advantages. They're a brilliant piece of equipment to add into or mix up your workouts. They're great for improving fat loss, building muscle, needing little equipment, hitting all body parts while combining strength & cardio! Bonus! 

Yep for this killer full body strength and cardio Kettle Bell Countdown all you need is 4 different weighted kettle bells and your body, then you're good to go. Through this workout it combines 4 different kettle bell exercises and as you perform each one you go down the weight. So you begin with the heaviest weight and will finish at the lowest. Along with this I have slotted in a set of jump squats between each exercise to get that heart rate going, legs burning and because hey why not? 

Starting with sumo squats to target the glutes and inner thighs, moving onto forward lunges with a pass through of the kettle bell under each leg targeting the hamstrings, glutes and arms, moving onto some kettle bell swings to get them shoulders and core burning and of course last but not least some cheeky Russian twists to whistle up that waist! 

Each kettle bell exercise is 20 reps (the lunges being 10 on each leg) and between each one perform 10 explosive squat jumps!!!! Trust me this workout will get muscles burning, hearts racing and leave you feeling sweatttyyyyy in the matter of minutes! Easy peasy, done and dusted!