Monday, 26 June 2017

Happily Holli | How, Why, What?

Hey my lil chickpeas! Firstly, I want apologise for my lack of blogging recently. You've probably noticed I've taken a break. But yanno sometimes life just happens. I've been crazy busy. But I have been planning and getting myself back in the zone. I want bring you some killer content.

Don't worry! I have some fab recipes, workouts and posts coming right your way!

Firstly I want to show you a new little piece I've had done by the very talented Beverly Koh. Beverly is an amazing graphic designer/illustrator, who I asked to recreate this image for me. I was absolutely over the moon! Her work is so blood good and I love this piece of work for my blog so damn much. You can head over to Beverly's Instagram HERE to find more of here wonderful creations!


I've been having a think. Do you know how long I've been blogging? 5 years! Yep. A long ass time. I wasn't however always Happily Holli. I've dabbled in a whole load of blogging, from fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food and god knows what!

It's taken me a while to find my 'niche' if you like. But through my love of health and fitness, I kinda discovered what I wanted to mainly cover! As a new little kick start and with me having some new, exciting things in mind, I wanted to write a bit about how, why and what 'Happily Holli' truly is. And more importantly what she means to me.

So... Why do I even bother writing this blog and why do I love the little community I've created. I want to talk more about my mantra, how I try to view many different aspects of my life and present them through this blog!


HappilyHolli isn't a certainly style of blog as such. I hate labels. It's simply a reflection of me.

It took me a while to be able to find the exactly place I wanted HappilyHolli to be, I went through stages of writing that simply weren't me but more what I thought people wanted to read. I created a voice which wasn't who I fully was. I love to base my blog around health, fitness and well being, as that is what I am most passionate about. Along with hopefully trying to give you as much normality, humour, love, advice and information as I can!


I've built HappilyHolli up over time and my god she still has a lot of growing to do! She's grown from everything I've learned over the years and everything I want to achieve.

Luckily with staying grounded and showing honesty through my blog and social media, I've been able to find common ground with people. I think because people can relate to me on many different levels, it brings a sense of comfort. This has only allowed HappilyHolli to go from a simple hobby into something I feel very passionate about. I'll use her in going into my PT business, coaching, even writing my book. She's come from honesty. That's all I can say.


This is by the most important part. The why and purpose behind HappilyHolli grows more and more each day. Let me state a few reasons why...

- I care: I can honestly say one of the main reasons I keep this blog going is purely the amount I care about every single one of you. Anyone who has taken a little bit of time out of their day to just read one of my posts means more than you'll ever know. A lot of HappilyHolli isn't just based around health and fitness but a mental health. As you know I battle with Anorexia, Orthorexia, Binge Eating Disorder and anxiety. I have a large amount of followers in the HappilyHolli community who are sufferers of mental health/eating disorders. I've had so many of you send me messages claiming I've helped you in your recovery, prevented a relapse, helped you face a fear, get through a day, inspired you or I've even had a girl tell me I've saved her life. I cannot express how overwhelming it actually is to know you have such an impact on people. I'm always 100% honest with my feelings and mental health, I hope that through this, I can continue to help many of you.

- I've always loved to write: Writing has always been in my soul since I was a little girl. I've been reading and creating my own stories since the age of 2 and it's grown ever since from there. A couple of years ago, English was the only thing I had in mind and I actually wanted to go into journalism. And during this time I've been blogging since I was 13 and been published in poetry books. As much as I adore literature and poetry, I certainly found my niche when it came to blogging. So I've carried my love for writing into the world of health, fitness and mental health. I think that's what I love about my job. Everything just fits together perfectly. I hope one day I'll be able to write my own book! (Which I've ALWAYS wanted to do)

- I want to develop and grow as a business: As many of you know I'm currently in training for my Personal Training qualification. I want to be able to train and help other people, along with taking that further with online coaching. I want to be able to create my own business and brand as 'HappilyHolli'. I really want to develop myself. I want to take HappilyHolli as a blog even further, I really one day want to publish my own book around health, happiness and recovery. I also have a really big long term goal always floating in the back of my mind...

I really want my own healthy, food deli/cafe. I want my own little place full of yummy dishes, smoothies and treats, fairy lights, bean bags, you name it! This is something I've wanted for so so long and something I hope one day will become possible. So watching this space for the 'HappilyHolli' deli... ;-)

- I want to change healthy!: Over the years my perception of what it is to be 'healthy' has changed so much. I've heard multiple tales and facts which I've believed or fallen into. I've got through obsessions, diets and god knows what. I used to believe that being healthy was purely from the foods we ate, I believed you had to be strict in regimes and exercise for a strong hour, full blast every day. But that isn't what I view as 'healthy' at all anymore. I believe your mindset is a much more important value of health, how you view food and exercise. Your mind really does have an impact on your health and more importantly, your happiness. Food is the main source of fuel for your body to function and keep you alive, the way you choose to nourish it impacts everything else in your life including your mind, mood, weight, energy etc.

Through this you'll be able to move you body in amazing ways. Exercising isn't just about 'hitting it hard in the gym' but more about moving your body! It's a celebration. You can run, dance, jump, skip, whatever you fancy!

Health is also a lot more about self care. It's so important to just take time for yourself whether that be going for a run, painting your nails, cooking your favourite meal, taking a long bath, whatever it may be. Remember taking time to just stop and do something that makes you happy is something I believe we all should be doing. I want to use HappilyHolli to try help other people discover their own way of 'health' and 'happiness'.

- You inspire me as much as I inspire you: Like I stated above, the amount of people I've had come to me and exclaim how much I've inspired them. Each time someone tells me this, I don't think I ever quite get used to it. It honestly astonishes me every time. Every message I receive always gives me a massive boost.  I always come back to them whenever I'm feeling down, sad, angry or when I need a little kick up the bum myself. You all remind me that through HappilyHolli, I have created something so powerful that I can help a huge number of you fight your own battles.

 That in itself is enough reason for me to keep going.

I know this post has been a lil bit all over the place. Haha. But I just really wanted to establish to you just how much Happilyholli and you guys mean to me and even my future. HappilyHolli is something I've grown so damn proud of. I work so hard to try and progress this blog as much as I can and as always I love what I do.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds...