Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Lunge It Baby!

Happy Hump day Chickpeas! I'm back with the fitness posts!!! Yasssssss!

Lets talk booty.... more specifically lunges!

I have a very strong love/hate relationship with lunges, I'm not gonna lie. I absolutely crave them yet hate them at the same time. They're so beneficial to build and strengthen the lower body, depending on how you perform them you can target the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Along with increasing hip flexor flexibility and core stability. They can also be a little bit more back friendly than say your typical squat! Plus giving you a killer booty, bonussss!

They really are the jackpot exercise in my eyes.

Once you've mastered the basic lunge, there are so many ways to can mix things up! I love mixing up my lunges and the types I do. Purely to keep it exciting and give your legs and glutes that extra burn. I thought I'd share with you my favourite techniques and ways to change your lunge which challenge yourself and your body that little bit further:  

Bulgarian Split Squat Drop Sets 

I flipping looooveeeee split squats. They're like my top secret success exercise (and have built my glutes more than squats ever have)

Once you can perform the basic Bulgarian split squat you can take it that one step further with killer dropsets. To do so, perform your first set with a heavy weight for 10 reps, then drop the weight and perform another 10 reps, then drop to body weight and perform another 10 reps. Repeat this 3 times through and trust me... Your legs (and booty!) will be on fire!

3 Stage Barbell Lunge

My god this one is disgusting but oh so good! Choose a barbell you can easily lunge with (don't go too heavy) Start with your right leg and with control go down in 3 stages, then bring it back up in them 3 stages. Perform 8 - 10 reps on your right leg and then switch to your left. Just be prepared...

Pylometric Lunge, Squat & Burpee

I love pylomentrics as you can do them just about anywhere. I love to involve them into many of my HIIT based workout/circuits. They're great at building the legs and burning fat all at the same time!

One move I recently tried out and found was an absolute gem (as much as it burned)

A lunge jump, squat and burpee combo! Yep you heard! Perform a lunge jump on your right leg, back into a squat jump, into a lunge jump on your left leg then finally into a burpee... that's 1 rep! Uh-uh!

Right now get doing 8 - 10! (I'm sorry in advance...)

Curtsy Lunge Combos 

Along with my Bulgarian split squats curtsy lunges are like my babies. I flipping love them. I will try to create a type of combination with them or slot them into a workout where I can. Oh they burn that booty like a gooden.

Learn how to do a basic curtsy lunge here.

Once you've got the curtsy lunge perfected, like I said we can make it a lil more challenging. My two favourite ways to use curtsy lunges are by either performing 10 reps on each leg (so 20 in total) followed by 20 pulses on each leg. It's a complete killlerrr!

 The next is a curtsy lunge with a cheeky side kick thrown in, this gets heart rate going a little more and is great when you want the extra push! I love throwing kicks in when I'm feeling angry, haha.