Monday, 31 July 2017

Rest Is Just As Important As Reps...

Evening chickpeas! While on my mission to get back on track. I'm going to try and involve a few more fitness posts upon my blog, along with a current weekly workout on my Instagram every Wednesday! So keep your eyes peeled for that one!

So I'm just gonna jump right innnn...

Rest Days, something many of you gym junkies hate the sound of. But whatever type of training you're doing, we all need a day off. In all fitness regimes, one of the most important factors is: Rest! Although I don't have a set fitness regimes, it's something I used to be so oblivious to and try to push my body to crazy intensities every day causing a complete burn out. I never used to fully listen to my body and the way it wanted to move or what it wanted to do. It'd lead to completely over training.

So I wanted to talk about the importance of rest and giving your body time to recover.

Like I said no matter what type of regime you're in whether it be training for a marathon, body building, HIIT fanatic, enjoy to play team sports or love to whack out a exercises class! Taking rest is always going to be essential. Here are some reasons why...

Avoid burnout!

Continuously training and training and training, believing you're some sort of super human sadly isn't going to work. If you've been training or into fitness for sometime, you'll more than likely have reached a burn out one or two times. You'll become bored, reach a plateau or be that fatigued you simply lack in motivation. So, giving yourself them 1 or 2 days off will allow your body to come back stronger or excited to get back to it!

Muscle recovery!

You need rest days for your muscles to ever recover, grow and get stronger. Through training your placing your muscles and muscle fibres under a lot of stress. You need to give the muscles, bones, tissues you have worked, time to fully recover and heal. While exercising your body uses glycogen for energy, when you take your body at rest you're allowing your muscle to replenish their glycogen stores (energy stores), so by over training you're actually doing your body and muscles more damage than good. During these rest days you're using more of your bodies resources to grow and repair rather than pushing through a workout leaving you deflated. The same goes for if you're training the same muscle groups for multiple days, not giving your muscles enough time to repair properly is going to decrease performance and halt recovery.

Prevents injury! 

Resting prevents creating an overuse on your muscles meaning less chance of injuries. With any exercise/sport if you continuously place your body and muscles under the same high intense movements without recovery, your muscles and joints with suffer, leading to injury. With these actual injuries you'll then be prevented from training further. Along with training on a injury without giving it rest to strengthen and repair, you're only going to keep damaging it further, meaning a longer recovery period. 

Improve performance!

Linking to the above, rest days are obviously going to help your performance! Giving your muscles and tissues time to recover means they're going to be a lot stronger and rejuvenated for your next workout! You're going to be feel less fatigued and possibly less unmotivated, than if you were to keep training and training and training. This means your body and muscles are going to be able to work 10x harder, faster and stronger. 


Having a rest or even switching up your routine can really help you mentally! So whether this be taking a full rest day from what you usually do, making you then crave getting back to it and help prevent that burnout. Even if you have to set yourself some rest goals like you do strength/fitness! Or even switch it up and do something a lower intensity on your body, give your bodies rest days a chance to really invest in stretching or foam rolling which again is going to benefit muscle recovery!  

If it turns out you are over training, it can lead to all sort of other things which could lead you to a burn out, weight loss or fitness plateau. Such as lack of sleep, poor nutrition, loss of menstrual cycle, fatigue, injuries, mood issues. So if you are over training or think you are, take a step back and look at your current routine, is it efficient enough for you, your body, your goals and most importantly your health!