Monday, 10 July 2017

What Am I Loving | June Health & Fitness Faves

Happy Monday Chickpeas! I know this is a little lat for a 'June Favourites' but ah well, who likes being on time anyway?

I'm a bit of a nosy thing when I want to be, I wont deny it. And one thing I love to know are the current things people are loving, whether it be food, products, bloggers, workouts, workout leggings etc. I mean you might not want to know my favourite odds and sods, but either way, a few people have asked, so I'm gonna give them to ya. 

I thought I could start a little 'health & fitness' favourite series for you each month. Just to give you a little insight into anything or anyone I am currently loving or any cheeky new discoveries I've made. It might give you some food, fitness, workouts or general ideas which you can start loving too! 

So before I end up blabbering on like there is no tomorrow, I'm just going to jump right in!

Nush - Almond & Cashew Yogurts 

There was no guessing that this post was going to involve some kind of food. I find lots of cheeky food discoveries every month! This month I've been absolutely loving these dairy free yogurts by a company called Nush! Nush make to varieties of yogurt made from almond milk and cashew milk. I adore yogurt however due to intolerance cannot have dairy or soy that often. So these yogurts are an absolute life saver! They also have a huge variety of flavours from vanilla, strawberry, blueberry and my ultimate favourite caramel & hibiscus!

Nelieve it or not I even made a cheeky savoury recipe with their Almond Milk Yogurt... This amazing Mint & Spice Almond Pea Dip! 

Beanie's Vitamin D Coffee 

 I love coffee. Oh yes. And if you know Happily Holli you know I am the coffee company 'Beanie's' biggest fan! I adore every single Beanie's flavour, especially the 3 new Vitamin D flavours they have recently released. Giving you your daily dose of Vitamin D! Coming in 'Cherry Chocolate', 'Vanilla Bean' and 'Apple Cinnamon' which is my favourite! I've been loving it with frothy almond milk and some extra cinnamon! It also worked amazingly in a smoothie!

Zanna Van Diijk's Book - STRONG 

It's no doubt I have a lot of fitness and recipe books (I'll have mine own one day...) Haha. But the one I am currently loving, is by the lovely Zanna Van Diijk. I watched how hard Zanna worked on this book and could't wait to get my hands on it! and let me tell you, it's bloody brilliant. Zanna has included so much information into one little book, full off lots of detailed workouts, exercises, delicious recipes and her view on self love and balance in shown all through the book. It's great for beginners or anyone who's been into fitness a while, you can all take something from it!

Cashew Nuts 

Weird, but I had to throw this in here. I've been lovinggggg cashew nuts! Like crazy love! I'm a sucker for any nuts or nut butter as you know, but my current obsession is cashew nuts. They're my current favourite to go snack or popped into a stirfry! Cashews are also brilliant for heart, blood, eyes, along with being a good source of healthy fat.

Carly Rowena's 'Get Gorgeous Guide' 

This month I've been following the new Ebook Guide by Carly Rowena - 'Get Gorgeous'. I'll be honest I'm not usually interested in in fitness guides or Ebooks but I was so excited to purchases Carly's. It's so beautifully laid out and put together with lots of information and great workouts. It's a 12 week transformation plan upon your body and mind to get you feeling your most confident, gorgeous and best inside and out. I've been absolutely loving the workouts which are laid out into a circuit style (right up my street), you get given one upper body, lower body and abs! It's been great to add into my routine and would recommend to anyone!

Exercise - Slam Balls

I have to say, this is one of my all time favourite exercises but this month, especially the past week they have appeared in most of my workouts. They're brilliant and deadly all at the same time. They develop power, strength and speed, along with working your abs, shoulders, back, glutes. Meaning they're great for building muscle, muscle power and burning calories! I love adding them to my workouts and circuits, plus they're a great thing to let out all your anger!!! Haha.

Ben Coomber Radio Podcast

I walk near enough everywhere, so one thing I love doing is popping in my headphones and listening to podcasts! My favourite one to listen to at the moment is the 'Ben Coomber Radio' podcast by Ben Coomber. In this show Ben covers everything from nutrition, fitness, food, mindset, health, mental health and more. He has amazing regular guest on the show along with talking himself about particular topics. I've learnt so much from Ben and love listening to his positive state, thoughts and energy. I'd recommend this podcast to anyone, just getting into health and fitness or anyone who has been in it a while. You'll all benefit and take something from listening to Ben, I guarantee.

I hope you enjoyed taking a little insight into my current favourite bits and bobs. Please let me know if you like these kind of posts and be sure to let me know what you've been loving!