Monday, 27 November 2017

You Don't Have To be Perfect | Social Media and Perfectionsim.

It's crazy how much power we allow social media to give us? Ever find yourself endlessly scrolling, mindlessly taking it in. One minute you are feeling fine and good about yourself, the next you're there away scrolling leading to questioning what you are doing with your life? Asking yourself 'am I even good enough?' 

Do you start comparing yourself to other people and begin to wonder why their life, body, business, pictures or even account seems so much better than your own. It's so easy to start believing that everyone else is living this 'perfect' life, while you are sat there with a pooling of self doubt. 

We allow our minds to instantly believe what we see online is the ultimate truth and that other people have it all figured out. When reality check! That isn't true! What we see on social media, isn't the whole picture. It's a snippet. A fraction. It's the highlights, the smiles and the good times. The days peoples bodies look there best and stomachs aren't bloated. Things they are proud of not the times they mess up or make a mistake. The amazing trips they are going on with friends and family not the times they're sky high in emails or lazing on the sofa. What they look like when just about to head on their dinner date, not first thing in the morning rolling out of bed before the hair brush has even touched the head. 

We can show the world whatever we choose over social media. That's the power it holds on ourselves, what we post but also what we see others post. If it's there it must be true right? Magical. 

And that is where I feel social media creates a whole new issue in itself. Correct me if I am wrong but if we are all here, scrolling away, believing that everyone else's lives are placed together nicely... Does this influence our pressure to be perfect? And I don't just mean in our image and body, I mean in everything! Work, life, relationships etc. 

I mean really is a lot of social media a reflection of what we would like ourselves to be? Rather than what we fully are.

Across many of us now, including myself, social media has actually become a huge part of our careers. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging! It's given us a chance to grow and build our brands and create communities in which we can progress. And i'm not slaying it all, I love this fact! I mean especially in the fitness industry so many of us have begun to share our bad days as well as our good, in hope to break this 'prefect' stereotype.  But again due to online being our sudden given businesses, this is simply another aspect we are striving for perfectionism, through comparing ourselves to maybe those higher than us, doing better than us, those with a larger following and more success. It's like a pressure we are suddenly placing on ourselves. I've seen it sadly with so many people I follow, failing to be themselves. Asking themselves, am I a failure because of this? Maybe it's because my Instagram has no ritual? No theme? No purpose? Or maybe I don't post enough? No one see's my content! Maybe I need a routine? Maybe I need to be perfect. Like him. Like her. 

I mean I think it's great to want to succeed. We all do right? It keeps us on our toes and motivated! And it's great to put pride into your work, as a lover of media and art I always have. Whether it be getting the edit on photos right, re-reading a caption again and again or taking one too many pictures to get just the right one. But I don't think we should doubt or judge our own ability due to someone else's. 

Which brings me back to my first point. What you see on social media isn't that whole picture because perfect simply doesn't exist. I guess in a way that makes us unique. It makes our content worth while.

Everyone has there down days. The days where things aren't going quite right, they have a stressful email, their dish washer breaks, they feel too tired to smash out a workout. And it's so important to remember that. But also to remember that if you are staying true to yourself and not doing things you believe others would like and you are most importantly enjoying the process. You are doing NOTHING wrong.

Be patient. Cheer each other on. No one is more important than each other. We are all human beings just trying to find and make a purpose. To have a voice and to show what we love. I think that's something rather amazing.

Holli x